Software DevelopmentFind the Right Automation Solution with Katalon Studio

Find the Right Automation Solution with Katalon Studio

Testing is the most important task when it comes to development – what’s the point of an app that doesn’t even work?! However, testing is not an easy task; it requires writing and maintaining a number of scripts that you will run to see if your app works. These scripts are not only long but also need to be updated constantly depending on the changes that are happening in your app development phase. It is one of the most time consuming parts of releasing an app. And, also why a lot of people prefer to automate these tasks.

Originally the testing would require having testers write scripts, but these days there are a number of different tools that can help you create the environment and make script writing easier, as well as automatically check your app for any bugs. Katalan Studio is an automated testing tool that helps make the process of testing a whole lot easier.

What is Katalan Studio?

Katalan Studio is a free automation testing solution that was built on top of open-source automation frameworks such as Selenium, Appium and API testing. It was introduced in September 2016 and has since introduced 5 new versions, with 5.5 being the latest one.

Katalan was developed to help solve the many pain points that developers face such as hard to use software or brittle and temperamental tests. It uses Selenium’s core engine and several functionalities for anyone who is a Selenium lover, but also a number of advanced tools and features that make testing so much easier.

The best part about Katalan Studio is that it doesn’t require developers to have any coding experience, which means developers who don’t know how to code can also easily test their apps. Katalan provides various different cases and all you need to do is fill in the relevant information in simple English such as the website you want to test, what are you testing for, the parameters, etc. Katalan’s predefined automation framework comes with hundreds of built-in keywords, as well as a complete in-program guide in case you get stuck.

Where Katalan Studio Stands Out

Although Katalan was built on Selenium and Appium, there are many things that sets this framework apart from the other two. The company offers an in-depth comparison guide between Selenium, Appium and Katalan on its website. However, here is a quick list of where Katalan makes it mark.

Here is a list of Katalan’s features:

Target Users

Software testing automation needs technical know-how including but not limited to programming languages and testing technologies. However, Katalan offers a built-in, predefined list of queries that do not require technical knowledge. It hides technical complexities and offers a friendly UI that allows users to drag-drop, select keywords and test objects to form test steps. However, if testers do require a more hands-on approach and want to code the test parameters themselves, they can do so in the scripting mode. The scripting mode supports development conveniences like syntax highlighting, code suggestion and debugging.

Selenium and Appium are testing libraries, which means that they require an IDE to be imported into a development project such as a framework. However, Katalan offers a one-in-all solution as it is a framework in itself.


Katalan Studio has been designed as a low-maintenance system and requires the least amount of steps for download and installation, especially compared to Selenium and Appium. The latter frameworks require integration into the development project, but Katalan Studio comes as a unified bundle that includes everything you need to start testing automation, including Java, Android SDK, Web drivers to drive browsers, and required dependencies. All you need to do is download it and install it on your computer and start automating your tests.

Test Management and Scripting Language Support

Katalan Studio includes a rich graphical user interface that includes menus, tree views, tables, etc. that make it easy to manage test cases, data files and objects in your coding. Even the scripting mode comes with professional features such as full syntax highlight, code suggestion, debugging, etc. Katalan Studio allows developing in Java and Groovy for now, but it might include other languages as newer versions are released.


Katalan’s Groovy language, which is built on Java, requires loading multiple libraries for parsing test data, test objects, logging, etc., so it might be a little slower than Java, especially when testing for long test cases that include a hundred steps.


Katalan Studio supports object spy for Web (by using browser plugins for IE, Firefox, Chrome) and for Mobile apps (by using the screenshot simulator). Katalon Studio also supports high-lighting captured objects in AUT.

It also allows users to test data from external sources by allowing them to import data from CSV files, Excel files, Relational DBs, etc. Katalon Studio also supports data-driven testing on a data file object.

Another amazing feature that Katalan Studio offers is recording and test generation. It has the capability to record and generate test scripts for both web and mobile apps. Test recording makes it easy for developers to learn and quickly adapt to test automation by capturing objects and generating test steps using appropriate actions or keywords.

Built in Keywords

Katalan Studio offers pre-defined keywords and actions that are commonly used to help save a lot of time when it comes to testing simple cases. This can also help newbies who aren’t proficient in languages and testing software. For more advanced and complex testing cases, testers can create custom keywords.

Reports and Analytics

The testing reports are friendly and in a readable format to make it easier for people who are not familiar with testing. The reports can be exported into multiple formats including CSV, HTML and PDF. Katalan Studio also offers a visualization of the test execution results to allow teams to quickly diagnose and have better insights of their automation tests.


Katalan Studio allows integration with multiple test management systems and bug tracking systems such as qTest, JIRA, as well as cloud-based Kobiton.

CI Integration

Katalon Studio also includes a command line interface, making it easier for CI Systems to call and trigger test execution.


Katalan Studio provides capabilities to deal with problems Windows popups and embedded objects (Flash, Flex, Media). It also allows starting test from any step with an already opened session. Katalan Studio can also override the Firefox Driver to make the newer Firefox versions backward compatible with the old drivers.

Large Community

Katalan Studio has a vast and very active community that can help anyone who is stuck via its website and forum. It also includes a very detailed guide to help users become acquainted with Katalan Studio.

Katalan Studio Version 5.5

Katalan recently introduced a new upgrade for its automation software and with these changes came an array of new and improved features. Here are the improvements in the latest 5.5 version:

Improved Web Recorder–The new recorder now allows a few extra functions such as continued recording in existing test cases, allowing users to edit test cases during recording, running test steps in the Recorder interface, and allowing merging and overriding test objects after recording.

Beginner Friendly – In order to make the system more user friendly and easier to learn, Katalon Studio now includes more sample projects on the public Katalon Github reponsitory. In addition to the sample tests, it has also curated a rich list of tips to shortcuts to help users.

Share Custom Keywords – The latest now allows you to share your very own custom keywords with your team or your community. All you need to do is Import/Export Keywords to integrate your favorite keywords into your latest project.

Extend Web Service Object – Katalon Studio has enhanced the Web Service object’s view to make executing the verification snippets easier.

Issues Fixed – Additionally, Katalon has also fixed a few minor issues that were previously present in the older versions. These include (as listed on the Katalon website):
Failed status is not generated for ‘verifyElementInViewport’ keyword.
Prevent ‘Unable to resolve class internal.GlobalVariable’ error from happening frequently.
Correct hotkeys display for Object Spy in case users change it.
Missing email reports when executing a Test Suite Collection in parallel mode.
Generated reports can’t be deleted after users view them.

Testing is one of the most difficult and time consuming jobs that require extensive research into a website or an app. And, Katalon makes this mammoth task much easier. So, if you want to simplify your life as a tester or are a newbie that is just getting started, Katalaon Studio is a great testing automation software that you should definitely consider.


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