10 Top Technology Trends for 2019

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Technologies are evolving at a much faster speed by each passing day. Every now and then some or other technological breakthrough makes the headlines. They have disrupted the past trends helping us in making our lives much easier and happening. Today, everyone is glued to news channels or conferences which are happening worldwide for the latest update on the upcoming tech trends. Herein, I have listed top 10 technologies from artificial intelligence to virtual reality which can possibly acquire the market in 2019.

  • 5G technology

With the arrival of the 1G technology, we talked to each other; with 2G, we learned to send messages; with 3G, we surfed the internet, but 4G gave us the whole newer experience to the internet making it more fast. Although it’s been a while since 4G came, still we experience lagging while playing games or buffering higher resolution videos.

To tackle this, 5G technology is about to set its foot in this world full of data. With the arrival of 5G, the whole lagging and other data problems will be a thing of the past. 5G will not just be the faster version of 4G but will be a different experience to the entirety. Trust me, it’ll be super fast and by that, I mean data speed of 20 gigabits per second i.e. 100 or more times faster than 4G networks. Apart from this, 5G’s low latency rate i.e. the amount of delay between receiving and sending information is impressively low too. For instance, 4G has the latency rate of 100-200 milliseconds whereas, 5G will have latency rate of 1 or less milliseconds.

While considering its release, already Verizon launched a 5G service in 2018 for home broadband in some cities of USA. Looking forward to 2019, the stage is set for its global availability and major companies are already set to launch it. The software is being tested, all the hardware is being updated and the 5G plans by the major carrier companies are being discussed. For sure, 5G will not only solve the problems of lagging in games or buffering of the videos but will also be useful for self-driving vehicles, internet of things, smart connectivity, robotic telemedicine and sundry of other possibilities.

  • Comeback of Blockchain

Technology Trends

Blockchain was already a buzzword in 2018, but for many, it was related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or any other. It is defined as a shared, distributed and decentralized ledger for the cryptocurrency transactions. Apart from this, blockchain has numerous other applications like providing security, making transparent transactions and much more. As of now, this technology and its concepts are still poorly understood and relatively new too. However, there are several organizations who are continuously trying to figure out its concept, the correct way of blockchain implementation and its applications. Yet, there are several barriers which needs to be fixed technically as well as practically, but you can expect a lot of advancement and breakthrough with the blockchain in the forthcoming days.

Among its different features, some prominent ones like secure transactions, inability to delete or alter any information, doesn’t requiring any trusted third party for validation or transactions, storing trusted records and others makes it a promising aspect of numerous organizations. In 2019, Blockchain will be going to bring some neat applications requiring security, transparency and traceability. Already, some companies are even using it. Additionally, the constant increase in the requirement of blockchain experts and developers made it one of the fastest growing category of jobs which will create its impact in 2019.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

2019 will experience a rise of Artificial intelligence (AI) solving business problems, bringing new ideas and competitive advantages. It is expected that applications of AI will more than triple by 2019. AI has promising applications in robotic process automation, autonomics, personal assistants, virtual customer service agents and others. By the end of the last quarter of 2019, AI will deliver highly personalized content to the consumers making them happy.

Several companies from automotive, healthcare, energy and other fields are also investing heavily into AI which will leads to rapid growth. AI services can be used for navigation, streaming services, mobile personal assistants, smart home devices, predicting maintenance, scheduling train timing, accessing risk in business, money-saving tasks and others. We can guess that the power of AI is immense and different organizations are getting much more serious about the applications of AI. In the meantime, if you are just the beginner and is interested in learning the concepts of AI then you can begin with the course Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for Beginners.

  • Machine Learning

machine learning

Basically, machine learning is a part or subset of AI. It is used to make the computer learn or discover patterns and insights from data to predict the outcomes more accurately without being programmed. As it is a subset of AI; similarly, neural networks, natural language processing and deep learning are the subsets of machine learning. Each of these subsets offers a promising future for building the career.

Machine learning is expected to grow as it is rapidly being deployed by many organizations. It can be used for a myriad of applications like data analytics, data mining and pattern recognition. In 2019, a notable growth is expected in the field of Machine Learning as well as the jobs related to it such as engineers, developers and data scientists.

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  • Edge computing

In recent days, cloud computing has become mainstream. Already, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud has entered the market and actually, they are dominating too. The concept of cloud computing is still in a growing phase but is not relatively new. Now, Edge is trending!

With the advancement of technologies, the quantity of data is increasing by each day. This could be a limitation to cloud computing. To overcome these problems, edge computing was designed. In edge computing, processing time-sensitive data in remote locations with limited connectivity can be done. In the forthcoming years, the edge computing market is expected to increase significantly. Despite the presence of edge computing, cloud computing will still be there but edge computing will gain more popularity.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is used to create different environments with the help of computer graphics for real experience. Whereas, in augmented reality (AR), current scenarios are improved or modified with the implementation of a virtual world to the reality. In simple terms, VR provides the user with a new environment while AR enhances the current environment. VR is mostly used for gaming but is also used for training soldiers by mimicking the war type environment. When AR is concerned, Pokemon Go can be a great example.

Both VR and AR shows great potential in education, training, marketing, entertainment and rehabilitation programs. Though both of these platforms are already present in 2018 but in 2019, an improved version, be it a headset and more real environments can be expected. 2019 can also be the year when various innovative applications of VR in different industries will be observed which can change the way people work. Major players like Google, Samsung and Oculus have already created their impacts but numerous other startups are also formed which may promise us something new in 2019.

  • Internet of Things

Whether you believe it or not but the internet of things or IoT is the future. It enables different devices, cars, home appliances and other things to connect with each other over the internet. We are still in the initial phase of IoT and it is expected to reach 30 billion devices by 2020.

With IoT, if forgot you can lock your doors while on way to the office. You can even preheat your oven while on the way back home. Additionally, it provides sundry of other possibilities. It can help you with better safety, efficiency and decision making. It can also be useful in medical care, customer service and other sectors. Anyone with the motivation can make a good career in IoT with a wide range of options for getting started. Here are the 10 innovative examples of IoT which are used currently.

  • Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has become one of the most fascinating things of this century for the researchers to work on. The race to create first ever quantum computer began way back. It is still going on between global leaders like USA, Europe, China and Japan. Various big organizations like IBM, Google, Intel and Microsoft gives the USA the lead over others in the race.

According to the experts, its entry has been predicted around 2023 or 2025. However, some also believe that the desire to achieve quantum computing will intensify in 2019 only. Due to this, its last phase will also be kept secret from the rest of the world because of obvious reasons.

To read in detail about Quantum Computing you can refer the article ‘The Rise and Rise of Quantum Computing‘.

  • Wearables


Already numerous smartwatches have successfully created its impact in the last few years. But 2019, seems an interesting year for advancements in wearables and implants for health. The progress in nanotechnology, batteries and microprocessors helped these devices to constantly improve while keeping its size small.

In 2019, the smartwatches will become more smarter, the tracking devices will become more accurate and the AR and VR headsets will become more advanced. According to some predictions, over 245 million wearables will be sold in 2019. Already, the option of ECG, distance measurement and fitness records have made these devices popular. In 2019, we can hope for a blood sugar measurement, blood pressure monitoring and increased memory or battery life. Additionally, more precise location tracking, swim-proof, NFC payments, fingerprint readers and others can also be expected in the forthcoming devices.

  • Cyber Security

With the likes of the 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Quantum Computers, Cyber Security may not be the emerging field but it is constantly evolving too. With the advancements in technologies, hackers are also becoming more advanced. In recent years, privacy concerns, the risk of data theft, hacking and other cyber malpractices have been significantly increased. Because of all these and to guard websites, advancements in cybersecurity is also observed. Huge demand for cybersecurity professionals and the ever-growing jobs makes it a field to watch out in 2019.

So this was our list of trending technologies to look out for in 2019. What about you? Do you think that we have missed something worth mentioning then do discuss in the comment section below.


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