4 Emerging Tech Specialties Every Student Should Consider

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The rapid evolution of technology changes the world around us. It can be seen not only through new slick devices and helpful apps being released but through virtually every aspect of our lives. Work is not an exception. As the race continues, the industry needs more and more tech specialists with exceptional knowledge in relatively new fields. And that, in turn, presents a great opportunity.

Just because these new occupations have only recently appeared, it doesn’t mean getting them is going to be an easy task. It is a highly competitive endeavor. You will have to do your best to get to the forefront of technological progress. But it is well worth the effort. So, here are some of the most interesting occupations of the future you should definitely consider as a college student.

Data Scientist

Data Science

A data scientist is not exactly a brand-new occupation. But its value has only recently been discovered by the public. It’s a way for big companies to get the edge over their competition, and for small companies to get profitable. That means the demand for data science specialists is very high right now. And it will only get higher in the future.

The downside is that this sort of job requires a lot of time and effort. In fact, it may prove a little bit too much for someone who has other major things to take care of. Like a college student. But if you feel like it’s the perfect job for you – don’t let this speedbump dissuade you from pursuing it.

Make sure you get your priorities straight. When your attention is thinly spread between studying and work, one tiny slip up can cause an avalanche of problems crashing down on you faster than you can solve it. If you feel like you need some extra help – consider hiring a reliable essaywritingservice.com to deal with some of your assignments. This extra time will help you get back on your feet.

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Cybersecurity Engineer

applications of biometrics, security, cybersecurity, ethical hacking

Cybersecurity has been a thing ever since the computers were created. But it has remained relevant ever since. It is still going strong today and remains one of the best IT fields to build a career in. A constant challenge of this occupation will never leave you bored.

Cybersecurity is a constant race between security breaches and those who patch them up. It is the nature of the job that you’ll always be a reactionary force to whatever mistakes the system architect made. But doing your job well means you are the first one to discover the system vulnerability and patch it up before anyone can make use of it.

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AI Specialist

AI & Big Data for eCommerce, Retail and Energy Industry

Working on artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting prospects out there. Not to say it’s all fun and games. It’s definitely a very intellectually demanding job. But the results you reap from your hard work are extremely rewarding and are absolutely worth the effort.

There are plenty of AI applications & sub-branches you can specialize in when considering working on AI systems. And an endless amount of things you can apply your skills to. There are more fields that use AI than you might think:

  • Spam filters;
  • Security systems;
  • Search engines;
  • Prediction systems.

Even a regular google search employs machine learning mechanisms. So you don’t have to worry about the lack of openings. New ways to apply AI systems are created almost daily. And this industry needs a lot of people to maintain and improve those.

If you feel a bit bored by the notion of working on forecast apps, there are plenty of options for you as well. Despite the fact that AI has been worked on for years now, there is still a long way to go until it hits the level of sci-fi novels and movies. Working at the very forefront of the scientific progress of this field may not be as reliable, but it is definitely very rewarding.

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VR\AR Software Developer

VR gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been making their first steps through the last decade. It has been a long and hard journey for the pioneers of this technology. Even the giant corporations that attempted to try it out had moderate success. But today, we can finally see the first major fruits of that work.

VR and AR are pretty special. Most of the problems that are being worked on are connected to human perception in one way or another. It turns out that placing an overlay in between the human eye and the surrounding objects is harder to pull off than one might think. You have probably heard of motion sickness and you definitely know what it’s about if you ever had to get used to a brand-new pair of prescription glasses.

So if you go into this field, expect to work on a lot of quality of life improvements. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and get some new skills. And once the interface aspect is perfected, you can go on to create incredible projects that have the potential to change our lives forever.

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Final Words

There are plenty of other exciting opportunities that push the boundaries of the current level of technology. An IT background opens a lot of doors. And if you have the skills and don’t mind sitting in front of your computer all day, you can get into virtually any field there is. Engineering, health, law, psychology, marketing, you name it. You could even contribute to the development of a space program.

So don’t hesitate to look for the perfect field for you. A solid tech skillset can get you virtually anywhere. The only prerequisites are the will to learn and dedication to your task. If you get those two down you will never be out of the job in IT. Even if you get disappointed working on a particular project, you can always pack up shop and go try again somewhere else. 

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