TechnologyHow To Use Google G Suite For Education

How To Use Google G Suite For Education

Google G Suite is designed with three main objectives targeting the education sector. 

  1. To simplify collaboration
  2. Streamline instructions for the teacher and student
  3. Secure the learning environment

Google G Suite is free for institutions accredited by the government. It also offers room for customization to meet your unique learning and instructional needs. Get essay help to create more time to understand the educational tools and develop the best-customized collaboration tools. 

Google G Suite is designed for K-12 institutions and above. Students under homeschooling have unique features provided by the same developer. It explains why Google G Suite requires verification that your institution is accredited. 

Google Workspace for Education Plus 

Google recognizes that different institutions have diverse technology needs. Specifically, some institutions have more advanced needs that do not fit within the G Suite. Google has, therefore, offered an option for Google Workspace for Education Plus. 

Google Workspace for Education offers advanced learning and collaboration tools. It comes with enterprise-grade features that will fit within the advanced levels of technology usage. Some of the features include enhanced analytics and advanced controls for easier administration. 

Does your school or organization qualify?

The institutions or organizations using Google G Suite must be vetted and recognized by the government. The institution should also be delivering a curriculum or certification that is approved by the government. International organizations should have local accreditation. 

The institution must fulfill all the requirements indicated at the Google Workspace for Education. You need to sign in to the Google Workspace administrator account. You will be provided with an upgrade form that captures details that will assess your eligibility.

All the details must be accurate. Upon filling the form, you click submit and wait for the approval. Upon subscribing to the Google Workspace account, you will head to Google Workspace for Education and submit relevant details. There are terms and conditions that you have to agree to before approval. Set up your organization and you will be ready to use Google G Suit for Education in your classwork. 

How to use Google G Suite for Education

Here are some of the features on Google G Suite for Education you can use to make learning easier. 

  • Gmail 

Gmail is a messaging platform. It allows you to send documents, plan meetings, and share learning resources with the class or members of the team. You can send materials to multiple members of your group, helping you to easily complete group projects. 

Gmail also comes with messaging capability. The live chat allows you to invite more people to contribute to a real-time debate. The chat also comes with the option for sharing files that enrich your learning experience. It is a natural feature for Google, making it easy to use for people with varying IT capabilities. 

  • Google Drive 

Google Drive is a cloud storage tool. It allows you to save and organize your study materials online for easier retrieval. Google Drive comes with a decent capacity that can accommodate all your learning materials.

Google Drive has a folder option. You can create folders or pockets for learning materials. The feature allows you to create databases for individual essays and assignments. With a search option, you can retrieve the materials at will. 

  • Google Calendar

 Google calendar allows you to organize your day and time. The calendar allows you to allocate time for each activity. You can send alerts about assignments so that you do not miss deadlines. 

Google G Suite for Education is rich. It offers more collaboration, instructional, and organizational tools for individuals as well as institutions. Most of these features are free, making learning easier at no cost. 

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