Older Generations: Keeping Up With Social Media & Blogging!

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When you were a small kid, every person in their 20s and older seemed like a mature person with a huge life experience. Children often exaggerate things and perceive everything differently. When you grew up, you learned how to distinguish people of different ages and understood how old generations actually look like. However, modern grannies and grandpas are a completely new phenomenon.

They try to look younger, stay active, dress stylishly, travel, and develop themselves. They break all the stereotypes about old age and the absence of energy. In fact, they can give millennials a handicap and even do my assignment online just because they are really cool. The lifestyle of older generations doesn’t fit in the usual frames since they stay ambitious and inspired. They want to explore social networks and even try their hands at blogging.

What are older generations interested in?

Do you have any idea what lifestyle older generations lead? Someone will say that seniors are interested only in watching TV, cooking, and gardening. Even though these activities can also take place, this list is not full. In general, modern seniors don’t want to play the role of a permanent babysitter for their grandchildren since they have new interests and hobbies. 60 years old people like to travel and try new types of entertainment. They are ready for bold experiments.

And even if a woman is baking something, the chances are high that she would like to take pictures of her delicious pastry and share them on the Internet. In fact, the web has taken a special place in many seniors’ lives since it has provided them with opportunities for self-realization and self-development.

People are trying different things, looking for like-minded people, attending courses, and sharing all these experiences with their subscribers. Moreover, many seniors do not even think about retirement since, by that age, they launch their own business or start monetizing their hobbies.

How do they communicate?

Most of them do not use specific terms, for which you can compile a separate dictionary. They opt for healthier communication. Thus, they are open to discussion but not ready to waste their time on non-constructive arguments in the comments.

They appreciate the opportunity to openly express their opinions, share life experiences, and discuss interesting topics. Social networks and blogging allow them to communicate with people who are on the same page with them and create interest groups.

Meanwhile, about 57% of older people face difficulty finding new friends, and social media becomes a safety ring in this regard since people can create a more diverse social circle there.

How do they act in the digital space?

The prejudice that older people find it difficult to master modern technology and social media is a thing of the past. The lockdown has reduced the number of festivals, meetings, and face-to-face classes, so people start paying more attention to online shopping, video resources, TikTok, and Instagram.

Representatives of the older generation master online courses, which allow them to make new acquaintances, develop new skills and hobbies, and spend the best years of their lives with benefit. Modern seniors use instant messengers, start blogging, and vlogging. The number of bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers who are over 50, is steadily growing.

They talk about fashion, hobbies, share their knowledge with the younger generation, and attract subscribers with their spontaneity and sincerity. Besides, they are active users of online cinemas and video hosting and gaming applications, not to mention dating sites. Many older bloggers start social networks for fun and communication with their grandchildren, but such activity has proven to be a great chance to earn additional money.

Why do they attract brands?

Even though many marketers and advertisers turn a blind eye to the older generation, they become an attractive target audience for a wide variety of brands and companies. Often, older people have a lot of free time and are enthusiastic about all these changes. They clearly know what they want from life and are less influenced by public opinion.

They possess the so-called healthy egoism: these people pay a lot of attention to self-care, watch their appearance, and are interested in fashion. And they are really interested in gadgets, new technologies, and social media platforms. It is not surprising advertisers start paying attention to this promising niche.

Despite the encouraging trend, energetic, stylish grandparents with a sense of humor and self-irony still seem to be an unusual, “cool” phenomenon and arouse interest. The subscribers of such bloggers are an audience with high purchasing power that is attractive to brands. At the same time, there are rare cases of scams with comments and a high level of involvement.

Brands are more actively using age models. Glossy magazines make covers and collections of fashionable images with gray-haired ladies. Lancôme has brought back 68-year-old actress and model Isabella Rossellini as the face of the brand. She first received this status 35 years ago. Brands’ admirers treat these decisions positively. The idea that you can stay healthy, beautiful, and passionate in the future retirement age pleases and soothes in especially troubling times.

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