TechnologyStellar Converter for NSF: A Great Choice for Notes to Outlook Migration 

Stellar Converter for NSF: A Great Choice for Notes to Outlook Migration 

Many businesses and individuals worldwide use IBM Lotus Notes or HCL Notes for collaboration and communication. However, with the introduction of Microsoft’s Outlook, the world of communication has changed drastically. This has led many individuals to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook PST

Figure 1: Stellar Converter for NSF

However, the migration process is not easy. This is where Stellar Converter for NSF appears. The software helps convert your mail data from HCL Notes NSF files to Outlook importable PST format.

Stellar Converter for NSF: An Overview

Stellar Converter for NSF is a great software for users who are looking to migrate their data from Lotus/HCL Notes to Outlook/Office 365. Stellar Converter for NSF is a reliable and competent application that help the users convert NSF files into PST format. Not just emails, it also converts journals, contacts, calendar, attachments, personal folders, and other mailbox data, into PST and other formats. 

Prerequisites to Run the Software

Stellar Converter for NSF does not require any high-end specifications to run on your computer. You need a basic computer with standard storage to use the software. The minimum specifications for using the software are:

  • RAM: 4 GB RAM (recommended 8 GB)
  • Storage: 250 GB 
  • Processor: Pentium Class
  • Operating System: Windows 8, 7, 8.1, 10, and 11

Figure 2: The UI

Versions of the Software 

There are two versions of Stellar Converter for NSF. If you’ve downloaded the demo version of the software, you can purchase the higher version by using the “Activation” button in the menu bar.

Figure 3: Software Versions of Stellar Converter for NSF

  • Technician version: It costs $399 and can convert multiple files for multiple systems. 
  • Corporate version: It costs $149 and $199 for 50 and 100 mailboxes, respectively.

Based on your usage, you can buy any of these versions. 

Performance and Experience 

The user experience was quite good. The installation of the tool was quite easy and took just a couple of minutes. We can say that an individual with even little technical knowledge can install the tool. 

The user interface or GUI of Stellar Converter for NSF is also quite clean and informative. It is free of any clutter or unnecessary graphics. You will get the conversion window as soon as you open the software. The additional characteristics present in the form of ribbons and buttons make the conversion a lot easier. 

Figure 4: File Conversion

We converted a file of 800 MB using the tool and it took us around 3 minutes to convert it.

Click here to see the conversion.  

After the conversion, we could see the entire converted file in the preview window. This allowed us to see if all the items and provided the option of leaving out the items, which we did not want to convert. However, to save the file, we were asked to enter our Outlook account credentials, as we tried to save the file directly to MS Outlook.

Features that stand out

  • Search Files

The file might be stored in a different folder on your local computer. The ‘Find’ option can help you search for the exact file you are looking for within no time.

  • Log Register

Open the Menu bar and click the ‘View’ option there. Here, you can find the record of all the conversions that have happened. You can see how long it takes to convert a file. You can see the past data and plan accordingly for future work. You also get an option to save these files in .txt format. 

  • Preview

The preview appears on the right side of your screen. It is one of the most important options. You can easily make changes and corrections to your file after previewing them.

Figure 5: File Preview

  • Filter

It is a tedious task to sort items before actually converting them. The work is made simpler with the help ‘Filter’ option. You can choose the emails and other items you want to convert and ignore the rest. This works in two ways:

  • Include emails from particular sender you want to convert and ignore the rest
  • Select emails from a particular date range to convert.
  • Different Saving Options 

The option to save the data in multiple formats is the most promising feature. You can save the converted data in different formats. You can save the data in new PST file or in an existing PST file.

  • Large File Conversion

The real test is if it can convert large-sized files or not. Well, Stellar Converter for NSF proved to be a winner in this race. You can easily convert large NSF files. You can also split the large converted file into smaller units. 

Are there any risks of using Stellar Converter for NSF?

We used the Stellar Converter for NSF for almost a week, but we did not find anything alarming. The software worked properly and didn’t affect any other application or tool. Moreover, there were no any heating issues or lags encountered in the system. All the data was intact even after the migration. So, we can say that the tool is quite safe and all the data would be safe even after the conversion.

Wrapping It Up 

If you are looking to migrate from HCL Notes to Office 365 or MS Outlook, then Stellar Converter for NSF Technician is a perfect choice. The software will save a lot of time while delivering the performance you need. The software converts your mailbox data with 100% accuracy and safety. You can migrate almost every information or items from HCL Notes to MS Outlook using the tool. 


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