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Angular 2 Development By Building 10 Real World Projects

The ‘Learn Building a Simple Website with Angular 2’ video tutorial is based on one of the ten different projects that are a part of our Learn Angular 2 Development By Building Projects course. In this upcoming Angular 2 Projects course, you will get acquainted with the Angular 2 Framework fundamentals. You will learn basic as well complex features of the Angular 2 framework including using API, building components, using MEAN stack, developing for mobile with the Ionic Framework, adding maps and location to your apps, and so much more.

Not only will you learn the features above, but you will actually learn how to use by applying them in real world applications. At the end of the 10 projects, you will have a working knowledge of Angular as well as 10 amazing projects on your hand.

The 10 projects covered in this course include:

Project 1 – Simple Angular Website – A simple ‘Hello, World’ type project to get you acquainted with the framework.

Project 2 – Contact Manager – A CRUD application that will help you understand features such as Services and how to work with JSON data.

Project 3 – Github Programmer Directory – You will learn how to use and incorporate the Github API in Angular to develop a programmer directory.

Project 4 – Chat Application – You will learn how to use web sockets and to build a real-time chat application.

Project 5 – Spotify Music App – You will learn how to use the Spotify API to build a music app, which will also include search capability.

Project 6 – Auth0 Authentication App – You will learn how to build a login application and implement the Auth0 for authentication.

Project 7 – MEAN Todo App – You’ll learn how to combine the MEAN stack with Angular 2 and build an advanced ToDo app.

Project 8 – Foursquare Finder – You will build a directory-based application using the Foursquare API and extend it to include other apps.

Project 9 – Testimonial Share – You’ll learn how to build an application that implements Firebase and can be used for sharing testimonials.

Project 10 – Google Maps App – You’ll learn how to build an mobile app and incorporate Google Maps in Angular 2 in an Ionic Mobile application.

This course is a great way to learn Angular 2 using a hands-on unique approach. Additionally, you will also acquire royalty free source codes for you to use and modify as you see fit.

If you wish to master Angular 2 with an interesting course that will keep you constantly on your toes, well then this is the course for you. Help us bring this course to life by backing our Kickstarter Campaign.


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