Top 15 Web Design Tools in 2021: For UI/UX, Prototyping & Wireframing

Web Design Tools, UI, UX, Prototyping, Wireframing

Here we will explore 15 of the best web design tools taking the industry by storm that are sure to make your UI/UX, prototyping, and wireframing steals the limelight for the year 2021 and perhaps beyond.

1. Marvel Enterprise 3

For large organizations and teams; Marvel Enterprise 3 is a brand new addition that’s blazing fast and takes design research and production deeper than any other tool.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Consolidation of the tools for brainstorming, wire-framing, prototyping, and user-testing
  • Activity log exports
  • GDPR compliant
  • SAML-based SSO
  • IP Restriction & granular access
  • 99.98% Uptime SLA
  • EU Hosted Infrastructure
  • Generate CSS, Swift, and Android XML code for the design prototype
  • Integration with Maze, JIRA, Confluence, Lookback, Dropbox Paper, Sketch, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Niice, Smartmockups, Zeroheight 

2. Justinmind

A definitely must-have for designers both expert and new. It’s ideal for creating wireframes and responsive prototyping, focused specifically on user experience

Design-Specific Features:

  • Pre-built UI kits
  • High-fidelity UI components
  • Adaptive/Responsive design
  • Smart templates
  • Sketch and Adobe Plugins
  • Rich web interactions
  • Mobile gestures and transitions
  • Functional forms and fields
  • Co-edit prototypes/Team prototyping
  • Interactive HTML+JS
  • JIRA, Microsoft, and Doors integration

3. Origami Studio 3

Developed and used by big names like Facebook, Origami has come a long way as a design tool with significant improvements while contributing to leading social media applications like Messenger and Twitter.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Photo Library that extracts images from your device’s Camera Roll.
  • Audio Metering to create visualizations from live audio or recorded samples.
  • Access GPS data
  • Build interactive components.
  • Native hardware APIs
  • Haptic engine access
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer information accessibility
  • Track and record prototypes
  • Origami Live for easy sharing of prototype

4. PlaybookUX

PlaybookUX is a web and app UX design prototype, wireframe, and user-testing software that can conduct both moderated and unmoderated research on almost any device

Design-Specific Features:

  • Non-moderated Testing
  • Moderated Interviews
  • Transcript, Notes & Highlight Reels
  • Analytics, Metrics & A.I. Sentiment
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Block PII blur tool to hide personal information
  • Editable machine-generated transcripts
  • SSO / SAML certification
  • Open and edit Sketch designs (Beta)

5. EditorX

The tool enables you to produce high-end web designs with responsive CSS and team collaboration in real-time. It’s an advanced creation platform for designers and web professionals.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Flexible Canvas
  • Stack to manage design elements as per screen size
  • Layout is made up of multiple containers and is based on Flexbox technology.
  • Repeating Layouts to automatically adjust display content for every screen.
  • CSS Grid
  • Container padding to add spacing around the edges of any container
  • Custom Breakpoints
  • Viewport Height
  • Anchors, Overflow, Sticky Position, Header Scroll Animations
  • Scalable Vector Graphics

 6. Mockplus

Mockplus is a design, prototyping, and collaboration software with 200+ built-in components and 3,000+ vector icons.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Flexible workflow and animation
  • Auto & manual Export specs
  • Page/version comparison
  • Sketch / PS / XD / Figma / Axure integration
  • Inspect and download CSS codes
  • Enterprise private cloud solution
  • Page, Command interactions
  • Four Boolean combination options: Unite, Subtract, Exclude, and Intersect.
  • Main and Sub-art boards
  • Navigation map
  • Clone interactions
  • Auto-generated and customized style guides

7. Avocode

Avocode is a cloud-based design and development app for Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Design-Specific Features:

  • Inspect function to fetch all assets, specs, and code.
  • Versioning to track changes for every design.
  • Design Hand-off for sharing designs without extra work.
  • Pixel Checker to visually test your coded designs.
  • Review & Comment that gives feedback and discusses changes.
  • Change log for product updates and features.
  • Desktop apps are compatible with most popular distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, and Arch.
  • Collaborate with designers, copywriters, developers, and stakeholders in one cloud-based secure workspace.
  • Integrate Avocode with your Single Sign-On (SSO)

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8. Draftium

Turbo prototyping tool with pre-made blocks and additional settings in each block allowing you to add other elements (e.g., buttons), change the paddings, column width, and so on

Design-Specific Features

Marketing tools integration like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Mailchimp

  • 10 concurrent projects
  • Custom Branding
  • Action Management
  • Approval Process Control
  • Assessment and assignment Management
  • Collaboration and commenting Tools
  • Communication and content Management
  • Customizable Templates
  • Ideation
  • Real-Time Updates

9. Semantic UI

Semantic is a development framework that helps create beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML. Semantic UI Web Design Software is easy to learn as well as for expert theming

Design-Specific Features:

  • Concise HTML
  • Simplified Debugging
  • Intuitive JavaScript
  • High-level theming variables
  • Bootstrap Migration

10. Koncept

The ultimate prototyping solution for website developers and creative agencies working with static designs, adding gestures and transitions, collaboration, sharing options, and much more to take design to the next level.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Add Project Single/Group and in Child group
  • Recontact Set-up
  • Add client by using filters
  • Add Supplier and manage individually once goal achieved
  • Supplier Mapping
  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Unique IP
  • Checksum
  • URL Protection
  • Dynamic pre-screen
  • Tracker Survey module

11. Indigo Design by Infragistics

It’s a complete design-to-code system that integrates prototyping, design systems, user testing, and code generation. It can also collaborate and build wireframes and prototypes. You can generate high-quality HTML, CSS, and Angular code from your designs with ease.

Design-Specific Features:

  • .NET and JavaScript charts, grids, and UI components 
  • native libraries for Angular, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Blazor, jQuery, React, Web Components
  • industry-leading UI toolkits for Windows Forms, WPF, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD
  • Visual Studio Code plug-in to get HTML, TypeScript, and CSS directly in your Angular app.

12. CUX

CUX is the only UX Automation tool that allows you to quickly improve conversion, turn frustrated users into happy customers, and pre-analyse UX by exploring human behavioral patterns.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Experience Metrics that track rage clicks, rage key presses, zooming content, or chaotic mouse movements
  • Visit Recordings to see what your users are actually doing on your pages.
  • Multi-tab recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • Conversion Waterfall
  • Build funnels easily based on predefined events and track where people convert or drop out
  • Data Segmentation
  • Webpage Element Analysis, Account-Level Analytics, and User-Level Analytics
  • Split URL Testing

13. Coolors

It’s one of the fastest color scheme generators that can create the perfect palette for you to get inspired by thousands of beautiful color schemes.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Create your color schemes with the super-fast generator.
  • Organize them in handy projects and collections.
  • Export as image or PDF, or just copy and share the link
  • Pick colors from your best photos with ease
  • Choose by several layouts and create beautiful collages with photos and palettes
  • Explore thousands of ready-made palettes to inspire your work
  • With the Luminance feature, you can have a photometric measure of the luminous intensity per unit area of light traveling in a given direction.
  • View Palette as Gradient

14. UXFolio

By using UXFolio, you can create beautiful UX portfolios quickly and easily.

Design-Specific Features:

  • Customized fonts, colors, and a unique portfolio layout
  • Use built-in device mock-ups
  • Embed your prototypes from Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, Axure, and Marvel

15. HotGloo

HotGloo is a UX, wireframe, and prototyping tool designed to build wireframes for web, mobile, and wearable tech

Design-Specific Features:

  • Rapid interactive wireframing and prototyping
  • Single license valid for more or less 100 team members
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile-optimized
  • 2000+ user interface elements 
  • Export to HTML
  • Speed up your workflow with the prebuilt UI master library
  • Low learning curve: tutorials, getting started documentation, webinars
  • No setup costs
  • Send share links to clients for approval

This completes our in-depth research and exploration of the best web design tools for 2021. For convenience and a better understanding of each tool, it’s recommended that you should go through the entire list.

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