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Why REACT Is The Most Popular Front End Library?


The two leading contenders in the front end frameworks list are React and Angular. Although they both have advantages and disadvantages, React front end seems to be a very popular front end react developer due to its simplicity and flexibility. That is why we have come up with an article covering everything one needs to know about why react is better than angular. 

What Is ReactJS?

React or React JS is included in one of the front end frameworks list. It is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook to create vast apps with dynamic data changes. It makes the process of creating interactive user interfaces relatively painless. 

Developers with react front end developer skills tend to provide simple views for every state in the application. This way, you can efficiently update and render only accurate components when the data changes. Additionally, declarative statements make the code more predictable and effortless to debug. 

Moreover, when talking about React in front end react vs. angular, it is entirely component-based. It allows you to create encapsulated components managing their own states and then composing them to make complex UIs. It ties the data to the DOM, enabling developers to use their react front end developer skills and deliver highly dynamic user interfaces with appropriate speed and raw power. 

Role of React In Front-End Web Development

React was built to solve the problem of mixing HTML and JavaScript. Usually, front-end developers combine business logic into their view code directly, making the process of updating views arduous. It is because the changes are scattered across different files and components. 

React, using a component-based approach, solves the problem. It uses JSX for views and clearly separates it from the business logic. Hence, it is one of the reasons about why react is better than angular. 

Furthermore, React is also one of the most popular front end frameworks StackOverflow. It is because it is declarative, efficient, and fast. It even has a low learning curve, thereby becoming an attractive choice for developers.   

Why Is React The Most Popular Front-End Library?

Here are the reasons that help you identify the best front end react vs. angular. 

Virtual DOM

React was built to provide developers with tools for mitigating the manipulation of DOM, thereby speeding up the front-end development process. It is possible because of the tool Virtual DOM. 

Virtual DOM or Document Object Model enables the users to update only that part of the page whose content is changed. It solves the performance problems that impact the user interface rendering in web applications when data changes dynamically. 

Component-Based Architecture

Developers usually get confused and question, ‘Is react frontend or backend?’ The answer is that React is a frontend framework that uses a component-based approach to build small components to reuse them throughout the application. These components consist of both HTML marks and JavaScript logic to determine its behavior in the application. 

Dedicated Community

A dedicated community is also one of the reasons why React is highly popular in the front end frameworks list. As discussed earlier, it was created by Facebook, leaving a vast community assisting a front end to react developer to overcome complex challenges.  


React provides a competitive advantage to SEO because it allows developers to create search-friendly, dynamic, and interactive sites. With the help of React, you can build an SEO-friendly single-page application by utilizing server-side rendering. This way, several page elements are rendered on the server before their content is sent to the user’s browser. Therefore, search engines like Google can process React pages immediately and efficiently.   

Trusted By Great Companies

Companies like Netflix, Yahoo!, Reuters, UberEats, and Coursera use React in their front-end development. It contributed to its popularity and helped it gain the trust of the developers who want to work with technologies backed by enormous successful operations. 

Easy To Learn

React is comparatively easy to learn because of its simple APIs and straightforward implementation. This way, front-end developers with little or no knowledge of React and other JavaScript libraries like AngularJS or Ember.js can adapt to the basics and create applications within days. 

Native JavaScript

Since React is entirely written in Native JavaScript, it works efficiently with other tools and libraries you might use without needing a high learning curve. Moreover, React can also be used to create mobile UI components and native iOS and Android apps. 


JSX is React’s markup language that looks like HTML but uses XML syntax and JavaScript to describe components and data flow in applications. It is considered a set of instructions for browsers to render the UI components. Using JSX is always a good idea as it lets you see what the application will look like in the browser by looking at the code. Therefore, you can save time on figuring out how the code works.  

Data Flow Architecture

React utilizes a system known as Flux, a way to structure front-end applications. It differs from traditional MVC libraries such as Backbone or Angular, which tightly connect the model, view, and controller. 

React only constitutes a View layer that allows the users to share code efficiently between the server and the browser. It even enables developers to control changes in the state by using Flux actions. This way, front-end code becomes more predictable and easier to maintain. 

Drawbacks Of React As A Front-End Web Development

Despite having several advantages, React has some disadvantages that are addressed below:

Complicated Setup Process

Setting up React is relatively challenging since developers have to set up several different tools and technologies to make everything work properly. Hence, users must rely on multiple open-source components to get the job done. 

It also becomes very time-consuming for newbie developers as much of their time has been spent looking for the best components and learning how they work. 

Poor Documentation

The documentation system of React is not so good as it makes the process of learning arduous for new developers. Developers get overwhelmed by relying on tutorials and online videos to determine the working of this tool. 


To conclude, apart from the most popular front end frameworks StackOverflow, React is another framework that is easy to use and provides incredible features for building mobile UI components and mobile web apps. It offers several other front-end web development, making it the infamous JavaScript library used today. 

Hence, if you are confused is react frontend or backend, it is an open-source frontend component that makes the web development process a lot easier. 

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