Developing a website using Html and Css


In this tutorial we will understand the role of html and css in developing a website and create a website as a project using html and css.

  • To begin with the project follow the steps below :

  1. Create a new folder and name it whatever you want.
  2. In that folder ,create two more folders and name it as CSS and images respectively.
  3. In the images folder paste the images which you are going to use in the html document.
  4. Now open Notepad++ and create a file with name index.html
  5. So know after doing all these steps your folder will contain the following three contents:

  6. The image folder contains texture.jpg image as shown below.

  7. Now open the created index.html file in Notepad++ and write the following code in it:

  8. So after writting the code you will have the following view of your window

  9. In CSS folder create two text documents and name them as style.css and reset.css respectively and so after creating them your window will look like as shown below :

  10. Now open your style.css file and write the following code in it:

  11. Now open your reset.css file and write the following code in it:

  12. After writing the code in reset.css file save it , your window will have following look :

  13. v6

  14. Now open index.html file in a browser ,it will display the following window.

  15. Thus we have created a small website as a project in html and css.



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