Implementation of Methods and Conditional statements in Ruby


Today in this tutorial we will learn how to Write different methods and use of conditional statements in Ruby.

  • Follow the steps below and get the hands on experience :
  1. To start with ruby compiler go to
    Start->All Programs->RailsInstaller->Interactive Ruby
  2. 1
  3. After Opening the Interactive Ruby the following Command line interface will be displayed.

  4. To declare the method in ruby the syntax is as shown below :

  5. So in this if we have to create method the def keyword is used and to finish method end keyword is used.

  6. For Method With Arguments :
  7. Syntax is:

    The method with arguments can be displayed as in the following example:

  8. System defined methods can also be declared as follows
  9. Example :
    The reverse function is as follows:

  10. If you want to know the list of all the methods in the ruby which may be working with string and numbers then use the following syntax :

  11. Now here is the exercise for Conditional Statements :
    1. if..else is one of the conditional statement
    2. Example :
      In this example we have taken variable fruit1 =”mango”

      we have taken one more variable fruit2 =”apple”

      Now if we compare it mango or apple it should display “This is a fruit” .

      As we can see in the above example we have taken variable
      fruit1 =”mango”
      so when we compare it with the following if statement it will display the following message :

    3. We can also put ‘&&’ and ‘||’ operator in it

    4. 8

  12. Thus we have learnt how to write methods and conditional statements in Ruby on Rails.


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