Web Programming TutorialsInstallation and deployment of Heroku

Installation and deployment of Heroku

In this session we will learn the steps required for the installation and deployment of Heroku .

  • So for installing heroku carry out the steps given below :

  1. First Download Heroku Toolbelt from the following URL :toolbelt.heroku.com which will look as shown below:
  2. 30

  3. Then click on the Heroku Toolbelt for windows following window will be displayed
  4. 31

  5. Then save it
  6. Now open the file and click on run.
  7. 32

  8. Then click on the next button.
  9. 33

  10. The following Window will appear.
  11. 34

  12. Then click next and select Full Installation.
  13. 35

  14. Now click on the Next button.
  15. 36

  16. Now click on Install Button,the installation will start as given below.
  17. 37

  18. After the installation following window will appear
  19. 38

  20. Click Finish Button,thus the installation is complete.
  21. To use the Heroku deployment tool login is necessary,so follow the steps below:
    1. First go to www.heroku.com and register your account for free
    2. 39

    3. Click on the sign up for free button
    4. 40

    5. Enter your Email id and click on signup button,then Heroku will send the password for the first time ,now you can login in the Heroku.
    6. Now go to the link www.heroku.com and click on Login button,the following Window will appear.
    7. 41

    8. Now enter your email id and password of heroku and click on Login button and then you will be navigated to your account.
    9. 42

    10. Thank you.


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