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Installation of Postgresql server

In this session today,we will first start with the installation of Postgresql server and then we will create a sample database for our project.

  • For installation of Postgresql server follow the steps given below :

  1. Open the Web Browser
  2. Paste the link below in the web browser:

  3. Following window will appear:
  4. 1
    As given above download the latest version of Postgresql for windows of respective 32 or 64 bit version depending on the system.

  5. After performing the above steps following window will appear which will ask to save the file.
  6. 2

  7. After saving the file in your system, just open it and you will have following window :
  8. 3

  9. Click on the Next Button,it will automatically detect the installation directory as given below.
  10. 4

  11. Then again click on next button,following window will appear.
  12. 5

  13. Again click on the next button, password window will appear.
  14. 6

  15. Enter the password and then click next,following window will appear with the port number on it.
  16. 7

  17. Now select the option as it is,as [Default Locale] as given in below window.
  18. 8

  19. Now the Setup window will appear displaying, ready to install,as given below.
  20. 9

  21. For starting installation click on the next button and the following window will appear
  22. 10

  23. After the installation gets complete the following window will get displayed.
  24. 11

  25. Tick the Stack Builder may be used….statement and click on finish button you will have following window :
  26. 12

  27. Then select the “PostgreSQL 9.3 on port 5432” from the check box and then click next button.
  28. 13

  29. The following window will get displayed.
  30. 14

  31. Now select only the checked options from this window
  32. 15

  33. After selecting click on the next button,the following window will appear.
  34. 16

  35. Once more click on the next button.
  36. 17

  37. In the above window make sure to uncheck the “skip Installation“ checkbox ,click the next button,following window will appear
  38. 18

  39. Now click on the next button the installation of other components will start as given below.
  40. 19

  41. After this the following window will appear then click on the finish button.
  42. 20

  43. Then finally the following window will appear displaying that the installation is complete as given below.
  44. 21

  45. Then click on the finish button.
  46. For starting the PostgreSQL for the first time follow the steps as stated below :
    1. Click on the start->All Programs->PostgreSQL 9.3->pgAdmin III,following window will be displayed.
    2. 22

    3. After opening the pgAdmin III the following window will be displayed :
    4. 23

    5. In the above window go to the PostgreSQL 9.3 from the object browser and right click on it and then click on connect.
    6. The following window will appear.
    7. 24

    8. Enter the password in the above window. The password which was entered during installation in step 8.
    9. After the connection you can see the following window of the postgres database. This database comes by default.
    10. 25

  47. So now let’s create a database for our project:
    1. As we can see in the window given below,right click on the data base.Then click on the New Database option
    2. 26

    3. The Following window will get displayed.
    4. 27

    5. Then type myrubyblog adjacent to the name as given below,then click Ok Button.
    6. 28

    7. This will create the database as we can see in the following window.
    8. 29

    9. Thus we have created a database.

  48. Thus we have learnt installing a Postgresql server.


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