Web Programming TutorialsLearn How To Create A Geo-Locator Using The HTML API

Learn How To Create A Geo-Locator Using The HTML API


Geolocator.js is a utility for getting geo-location information, geocoding, address look-ups, distance & durations, timezone information and more. In this article, we will make use of the Geolocation API to get the geographical position of the user. Geo-location is accurate for devices with GPS (Global Positioning System).

Geolocation is also very useful for:

  • Up-to-date local information
  • To Guide the user to the destination
  • (GPS)

1.Text editor
2.Browser support
3.Since Geo-location API is an HTML5 feature, make sure your doctype is HTML5.

The list of browsers given below fully support the Geolocation:
1.Google Chrome
2.Internet Explorer / Edge
3.Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: – Open up the text editor, create a file and name it as “geolocation.html”
Step 2: – Now add the following code into it.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<button onclick="getLocation()">Get Coords</button>
<h1 id="coords"></h1>

	var x = document.getElementById('coords');

	function getLocation(){
		} else {
			x.innerHTML = "Geolocation is not supported";
		function showPosition(position){
			x.innerHTML = "Latitude: "+ position.coords.latitude + "<br>Longitude: "+ position.coords.longitude;

Step 3: – Save the file and open it using your browser.
Geo-Locator Start
Step 4: – Click the Get Coords button to get the user coordinates. Since this API compromise user’s privacy, the position will not be available unless the user approves it.
Get Coords
Step 5: – Click the “Allow” button, to get the user coordinates as shown.
Allow Button
Important Note
Make sure you’re calling Geolocation APIs (such as geolocator.locate() and geolocator.watch()) from a secure origin (i.e. an HTTPS page). In Chrome 50, Geolocation API is removed from unsecured origins. Other browsers are expected to follow.


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