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Learn to create a simple object using – Json


In this session today we will study the Json fundamentals in which we will learn to create an object using json.

  • So to create an object using json follow the steps given below :

  1. Create a new folder on the desktop for example Json :
  2. v1

  3. Inside this folder create a new file say index.html.
  4. Right click on index.html and open it with notepad++ , the window look like as shown below:-
  5. v2

  6. Write the following code in the index.html file to create a json object.

    <title>Creating Object JSON with JavaScript</title>
    <script language="javascript" >
     var JSONObj = { "name" : "www.eduonix.com/blog", "year" : 2013 };
     document.write("<h1>JSON with JavaScript example</h1>");
     document.write("<h3>Website Name="+JSONObj.name+"</h3>"); 
  7. After writting the code your Notepad++ window will have the following look:-
  8. v3

  9. Now run it on the browser and youw will get the output as shown below :
  10. v4

  11. Let’s take some another example for creating a json object,so write the given code in Notepad++.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <h2>Create Object from JSON String</h2>
    First Name: <span id="fname"></span><br> 
    Last Name: <span id="lname"></span><br> 
    var txt = '{"employees":[' +
    '{"firstName":"Scott","lastName":"Darj" },' +
    '{"firstName":"Smith","lastName":"Anderson" },' +
    '{"firstName":"John","lastName":"Jones" }]}';
    var obj = eval ("(" + txt + ")");
  12. Notepad++ window will have the following look after writing the code:-
  13. v5

  14. After running it on the browser you will get the following output :
  15. v6

  16. Thus we have successfully created a simple object using json.



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