Learn to implement loops in Json


In this session today, we will learn to implement loops in Json.

  • So to get started just follow the steps given below :

  1. First of all create an new folder on the desktop say JSON as shown in the figure :

  2. Now inside JSON folder create a new file say index.xml .
  3. Right click on index.xml file and open it with notepad++ ,thus you will have the following look of your window:-

  4. So lets take an simple example for implementing loop in json.
  5. In this example we will display the title ,year and genere of the various movies.
  6. So write the follwing code in notepad++:

  7. Now after writing the code you will have the following look of your notepad++ window :-

  8. v3


  9. Hence ,now when you run your file on Google Chrome you will have the following output:-

  10. Thus we have successfully implemented loops in json using a simple example .


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