Learn to implement tables and lists in Html


In this tutorial we will learn how to design tables and lists in html,what are the tags related to it and how to implement them .

    To implement tables and lists in html follow the steps given below :

  1. First of all create a new folder for example Test.
  2. In this Test folder create another two folders and name them CSS and images respectively.
  3. In CSS folder create a text document and name it style.css
  4. Now if you want to use or add images in your html document then paste that images into the images folder
  5. Now open Notepad++ and write the following code in it and save your file as an html document in the same Test folder that we have created :

    So now your Notepad++ window will look like as shown below :

  6. 2


  7. Now write the following code in the style.css file which have created in the CSS folder and save it.

  8. Now run your file which you have created in Notepad++ and you will have following output:

  9. Thus we have implemented tables and lists in HTML.


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