BusinessTop 10 Successful Start-ups In 2021

Top 10 Successful Start-ups In 2021

Several big brands in the market first started as a start-up. Start-ups are not just facing big upcoming brands but also an excellent opportunity for investors to grab maximum shares of the company and earn profits. 

Investors know this investment has no fierce competition. Even the creators know that they can get big support from influential and wealthy bulls with better ideas. 

Every year there are new products and services ready to make challenging things easier and cheaper for the world. Some of these business start-ups get successful and win a stand in the business industry. 

This blog will cover the TOP 10 most successful and popular start-ups in 2021.

  1. ThousandEyes: 

ThousandEyes is one of the most widespread cloud services used to monitor and analyze prominent data figures. ThousandEyes is best in their field, and therefore it’s heeding the top. 

ThousandEyes has now cooperated and has gained recognition by well-known tech giants like Jive, Evernote, Zynga. 

Holding the most promising project, this start-up has great growing chances in the future. Programmers Mohit Ice and California Ricardo Oliveira founded ThousandEyes in the year 2014. It took six years for the plan to get a good pace in the business industry in 2021. 

After four years of gradual growth, the company cost suddenly increased when Sequoia Capital became its prominent investor. 

  1. Handy:

Handy started to design revolutionary “cloud” software which can easily manage a large team. This start-up helped HRs to store and manage their employee records. These records include their salary, hiring process, insurance, and other details with the help of Zenefits software. 

As a cloud software, anyone accessing credentials can access the service from anywhere on the planet.

Parker Conrad founded Zenefits in the year 2013. And in 2021, this project turned out as a rapidly growing business from a small-scale start-up. The estimated cost of the company is around $650 million. 

Andreessen Horowitz and other leading Silicon Valley ventures are among the company’s leading investors. And so far, about their client figures, Zenefits currently serves 2,000 corporate clients and even more.

  1. AdRoll:

AdRoll works on mobile retargeting and is one of the brightest marketing projects in 2021. The company provides quality services for analyzing and tracking consumer behavior on different platforms. 

It all started in 2014 when the company received a $70 million investment as a capital stand. Accel Partners and other venture capital funds are their principal shareholders.

  1. Lyft:

Lyft is one of the most popular online taxi start-ups that gathered a total investment of around $250 million when launched. After its gradual growth, it started competing with Uber. Its dynamic development and service area helped it touch its peak in just a few years.

Lyft originated in San Francisco and took one year to widen its arms in 30 US states. This rapid growth attracted investors’ eyes and investing attention.

The list of shareholders is undoubtedly impressive, including big names like Alibaba, Third Point, Horowitz, and Founders Fund. 

  1. The Honest Company: 

The famous Hollywood actress Jessica Alba created “The Honest Company,” which produces children’s hygiene products and cosmetics. These products are totally environment friendly and best from other chemical cosmetics. 

The company started with a massive investment of around $120 million and, in 2021, was listed among the most successful start-ups. So far, about its value, the company is now known as the most valued company in Silicon Valley. The major investors include Iconic Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners. 

  1. NJOY: 

The craze of electronic cigarettes turned this start-up into a million-dollar company in 2021. The total production covers around 30% of total manufacturing in the US market.  

Big names like Peter Thiel, Shawn Parker ex-Facebook president, Morgan Stanley, and Brookside Capital are among its investor’s list. Currently, the electronic cigarettes market in the USA is around $2 billion.

However, the primary uniqueness of the NJOY project is its large virtual tobacco flavor selection.

  1. Pure Storage: 

Data analysis and storage are critical areas for rapid buildout in IT technologies. Highly complex and sophisticated thesis or projects are in demand for this area, and henceforth, our well-known Dropbox doesn’t heed investors. 

In 2019, corporate clients serving storage services like AWS, Azure, etc., increased its cost by twice. 

The company’s founders are Scott Dietzen, John Colgrove, and John Hayes. Pure storage service provides fixed flash drives that come up with 250 terabytes or less capacity. 

This flash drive also renders connectivity to the cloud storage and hence speeds up the virtual servers. The publication of a famous project, “The Wall Street Journal,” called “Innovation of Year” for Pure Storage. The project partners are Tiger Global, T. Rowe Price Associates, and Greylock Partners.

  1. Airbnb: 

This project is well-known in the IT industry, and thereby you have undoubtedly heard of it, even if you are not engrossed in business-related aspects. Airbnb provides convenient and fast service, which helps tourists and travelers rent accommodation and benefits directly from the owners.

Therefore, tourists don’t require connecting with various agencies to get their essentials. 

The project captivated around $500 million funds, which further increased its market value and became up to $10 billion. This exponential increase in success led to the inclusion of founders, i.e., Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharzik, and Brian Chesky, in the billionaire’s list. 

Airbnb is known to be a leader in the co-consumption economy. Airbnb serves 190 countries with 1.5 million properties. Its service has been proven helpful to 11 million people during its existence.

  1. Uber:

It is an online taxi booking service and is a start-up but formal criteria. The company is six years old yet has become quite public but not entirely in use. At the end of 2014, Uber’s business received $2 billion in investments and became a serious business. 

Weekly revenue accumulated by the company is approximately $ 20 million, and similarly, Travis Kalanik, founder of the company, has been added for ratings of wealthiest people for several consecutive years.

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