BusinessWhy Your Product Descriptions Are Important

Why Your Product Descriptions Are Important

The world’s largest search engine Google uses special algorithms to make it easy for us to find what we are looking for. It is all these algorithms that rank which web pages and texts they consider relevant for the search based on many different factors.

When you search for a product, there are suggestions on many different websites that have what you are looking for. What you see is Google’s conclusion of what you’re asking for. That conclusion is based on the text you typed in the search box and how Google interprets the product descriptions and text on websites.

How Freelancers Can Help You

You may feel that you do not have the experience you need to write descriptions of your products and services. Alternatively, you have lots of products to be on the website already when you launch it. Then the tip is that you should instead hire freelancers to write for you.

There are many good websites on the internet where you can easily find freelancers at a good price and thus get a professional and optimized text.

You just need to give a good and developed instruction to the freelancer on how you want the text to look and be structured. After that, you will shortly receive a well-written text sent to you, which you can publish directly on your website.

Websites to find a freelancer

A good example of websites for finding freelancers is Topcontent. On that type of website, you can easily find freelancers at a great price. Those who write for such sites are professionals and can take on any job.

You can use their services if, for example, you want a product description for something new that has not been launched or is still on the website.

Also keep in mind that some websites specialize in, for example, translations, production of texts or descriptions of images.

Why hire a freelancer instead of hiring?

Sometimes it is much more efficient to hire freelancers instead of hiring permanent staff, it is also usually cheaper.

You only need to pay a freelancer for the work they do, no breaks or vacations. Your company also saves money on office supplies and premises, as freelancers bear their own costs.

If you are not happy with the work a freelancer delivers, you can easily hire someone else instead. This is something that is much more difficult if you are dissatisfied with a permanent employee. You can also find freelancers to, for example, write entire articles, or reviews for your products, which you can then easily upload to your website.

Why ranking is important for your product

Ranking high on searches is a prerequisite for customers to be able to find the product or information you offer. Without a so-called SEO optimization, it will be a little harder than finding a needle in a haystack. It then becomes more like starting a shop in the middle of the forest and then not telling anyone what you are selling or where it is.

How to rank higher in the organic keyword results

There are many criteria that need to be met to be visible on the first search page. A good product description, on the other hand, increases the possibility. Which keywords are relevant and give the best results for you also depends a lot on the type of product you have.

Other important things to consider when optimizing your site are what is trending at the moment. What words people search for as well as the words people in general could have used to describe your product or service.

What is SEO really? (why does this come down so far when discussed in detail above?)

You have probably already heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Simply described, you can use this method to make it easier for your current and future customers. This is because you can help them if you can predict what customers will write or search for.

In SEO, a lot of work is done, especially with keyword analysis. This means trying to come up with the right keywords that generate the most traffic to your website. This means that the analyst carefully checks which search terms others use for similar products.

A keyword analysis also means that you review what your competitors are using for keywords to get more traffic to their pages. Knowing which keywords are the most effective requires a good knowledge of how Google’s algorithms work.

Therefore, it is important to be more visible and get more customers by describing your product in a way that makes Google recommend it as credible.

If you do not have a good SEO strategy, it will be just as difficult to find your product when potential customers search online as to happen to run into that store in the woods. But with a well-thought-out SEO for your content, it will be very easy for the consumer to find your company among all competitors.

What characterizes a good product description

When describing your product, you also need to be careful with the language so that it is easy for potential customers to understand. For example, keep in mind that not all customers may know the correct words or phrases in the industry. Google also needs to understand what your product description is really about.

This is so that Google can know if your product is worth displaying on the front page. A product description must therefore be accurate, concise and easy to read. Remember not to use keywords without a natural context in your product descriptions because people should understand the text. Google is very careful that the information is written in a clear, accurate and easy to read way.

This means that you should not write a product description that looks like this: “Good product trendy cheap”. But it’s better to write about how you told a friend about the product. You can instead, for example, write: “This is a good, cheap product that is trending right now”. It sounds and above all looks much better (and can be understood by a reader).

If you need high quality content for your website or online store, you should consider having a professional writer write for you.

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