Reasons Large Enterprises Should Outsource Training

Reasons Large Enterprises Should Outsource Training

Learning and development have held a key role in the growth of large organizations for many years. While smaller businesses are just getting started with the undertaking, large businesses have viewed the professional development of their employees as a necessity for a long time.

With that said, training a large workforce (that may possibly be distributed) is not an easy task. In fact, if not handled with due diligence, the task can quickly turn into an administrative nightmare.

The overwhelming stress on businesses in house training teams, coupled with the stress of optimizing training effectiveness while keeping costs down is compelling many businesses to outsource their L&D efforts.

While it may seem like a forced decision, in the beginning, outsourcing training is actually an incredibly beneficial solution.

Here are a few reasons that support the previous statement:

Access To Top Tools And Top Training Talent

One of the most pressing advantages of outsourcing any function to an outsourcing partner is getting access to their team of industry experts and the products built using their state-of-the-art tools.

Just like your organization is one of the best at what you do, your training outsourcing partner will be the same. 

While it is perfectly possible to hire expert training talent in house and acquire the best e-learning tools, it certainly won’t be easy or pocket friendly. Doing so is especially not feasible when you have to train different departments of your organization.

For instance, you may need a separate expert for sales training, and another for IT training. In this case, hiring both can turn out to be a big challenge. However, if you decide to outsource, you can address both the training needs with a single solution.

Similarly, with their experience and tools, a great e-learning solution can also help you create engaging and immersive training experiences that may not have been possible to create in house.

Incredibly Scalable

Another great advantage of any outsourcing solution is that it is scalable. Need to train employees in a new geographical location in their local language? Simply ask your training vendor for a translation. 

Need to train your workforce to use the new HR software? Ask your training vendor to provide you with the necessary training videos.

Don’t have any new training needs in the foreseeable future? Great! You don’t have to continue paying for training resources you would have otherwise hired to address your temporary training needs.

Modern business environments are becoming increasingly volatile and hence, the training needs of modern businesses are dynamic. Outsourcing presents a flexible solution to these ever-changing needs.

Lower Costs (Time)

The lower costs associated with outsourcing solutions is one of the most common reasons for organizations to choose to outsource. In the case of employee training, outsourcing enables your organization to provide its employees with a quality training experience, without having to hire expensive resources or expend hundreds of hours of manpower in developing training material.

Besides saving on costs, experienced e-learning vendors can also potentially deliver your organization’s custom training material much quicker than you can develop it in house.


These were just a few of the multitude of benefits associated with outsourcing employee training to a dependable outsourcing partner. Besides these, the most significant benefit of outsourcing employee training is reduced stress on your in house teams. When you outsource, you enable your in house teams and subject matter experts to concentrate on their core tasks instead of dealing with the pressure of delivering impactful training experiences while keeping the training expenditures low.

Have you tried outsourcing your company’s training initiatives? 


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