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4 Smart Strategies For Avoiding Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is a global problem. According to statistics, there is over $1.61 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, and the average graduate owes over $37,000. This is a huge burden for young people who are just starting their careers. 

This blog post will discuss some smart strategies for avoiding student loan debt. If you follow these tips, you can avoid becoming one of the millions of people struggling with student loan payments every month!

1. Attain Stellar Grades

If you want to avoid student loan debt, one of the smartest things you can do is aim for stellar grades. The higher your GPA, the more likely you will qualify for scholarships and grants.

Even if you don’t receive any free money for school, good grades can lead to a higher paying job after graduation, which can help you repay your loan much easier and faster. 

Hit the books, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your professors or teaching assistants if you’re struggling. Your future self will thank you!

However, you’ll still need some budgeting skills to see you through school without taking on any additional debt. One way to do this is by creating a budget and sticking to it.

2. Hunt for Scholarships and Grants Early 

One of the smartest things you can do to avoid student loan debt is to hunt for scholarships and grants early. Start your search as soon as possible because many scholarships have deadlines far ahead of when you need the money. There are also many different types of scholarships, so don’t limit yourself to just one—compare various options and choose one with better deals. 

Speak to your high-school counselor to guide you on ways you could secure better scholarships, and always remember to fill out the FAFSA form as soon as it becomes available. If you’re from the UK, check out the UK Council for International Student Affairs to see if you could secure a scholarship on their website. In a nutshell,  you don’t want to leave any stone unturned—you want to grab any available opportunities.

3. Seek Payday Loans 

Student loans come in huge amounts, but why come into huge debts when smaller loan amounts can do? Loan matching services, such as, can connect you to reputable lenders online and secure up to $5,000. Application on such platforms is quick and easy, and the best of all is that even those with bad credit can still apply.

However, you still need to budget properly to ensure the loan you borrowed doesn’t go to waste.  It is also important to remember that payday loans should be used as a last resort, and you should try other methods of finding money first. Start a side hustle to generate some income you can rely on during your time in the university.

There are many side hustle businesses you can engage in—for example, you can start a blog or work as a freelance writer on platforms, such as Upwork. You can also do odd jobs through TaskRabbit or take on pet-sitting gigs. In short, the more you hustle, the less money you’ll need to borrow in the form of a student loan.

4. Work Part-Time and Save 

If you want to avoid taking on student loan debt, one option is working part-time and saving up for your education. This strategy can be difficult, especially if you’re working and trying to go to school simultaneously. But it’s possible!

You can do a few things — first, you’ll need to draft a schedule to help you manage your time and balance your education and work. Secondly, ensure that you have a part-time job that fits your schedule and interests. Finally, you’ll need to make a budget and stick to it!

A budget will help you spend wisely and save up as much money as possible for your education. When you have a plan and are organized, you’ll be well on your way to avoiding student loan debt!


Avoiding student loans is one of the smartest decisions you can make. You can avoid student loans and keep your future bright with the above tips. You will be able to live a debt-free life and focus on your career goals.

Taking grants or applying for scholarships early enough is one of the smartest strategies for avoiding student loan debt. You should also take advantage of federal loan programs with low-interest rates and repayment options.

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