InfographicsGetting Started with Neo4J - An Infograph

Getting Started with Neo4J – An Infograph


Businesses require information to make decisions. These decisions rely on numerous factors that surround their business. Although, companies collect large amounts of data, this data is usually found in large blocks that require sorting and allocation. This is where Neo4J can help by completely changing the way you get your data!

Neo4J is an open source NoSQL graph database that connects information and shows a trend in the data. The world is connected, where everything is related to something in some way. This is what Neo4J focuses on, it embraces relationships and uses it to store, process, and query connections efficiently.

This differs from other databases which only compute relationships at query, Neo4J stores connections in a manner which are readily available for any “join-like” navigation operation. This saves a lot of time and also gives more efficient results. Neo4J stores results in nodes and connects multiple nodes using relationships, both of which have arbitrary properties.

Neo4J is currently used by thousands of companies for many mission-critical production applications including scientific research, matchmaking, routing, organizational, network management, software analytics, and project management, social networks, recommendations, and more.

There are numerous benefits to using Neo4J:

  • Represents data in a simple and easy manner
  • FAST retrieval of connected data
  • Neo4J’s Cypher language is easy to learn and easily readable
  • It uses a simple and powerful data model
  • Does not require complicated joints to retrieve connected or related data

These amazing features and benefits are propelling Neo4J to the top of the list of graph database management systems. Here are a few other things you may not know about Neo4J.


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