An Infographic on Web Design Era by Eduonix

Web Design Era

An Infographic on Web Design Era

When you click on a website, the first thing you interact with is the design. If the website does not appeal to you, as a user, then you won’t stay on it any longer than you have to. This has to do with the design of that website.

A web designer is responsible for designing, and creating the layout of the website and also any interactive elements that they may add to it. So, if you click on a box and it pops up to include more information, that is a designing element. If you want a design to move when you scroll over it, that is a designing technique. All of this is often the job of a web designer.

However, it is not only limited to simply interactive elements and website colors, but a whole lot of more is included. A designer must know and understand front-end programming languages such as HTML and CSS to understand what is possible to design and what isn’t.

Additionally, a designer is also responsible for creating the Icons and the Banner of the website. From the placement of the icon, to its design, to even the size, a designer must keep in mind all of these aspects when creating the page layout. Everything should work well together. Here is a great Icon Design to help you get started.

If you want to get a more detailed idea about Web Design, you can check out this infograph below:
ERA 2017Web Design Era 1990 - 1994Web Design Era 1994 - 1998Web Design Era 1998 - 2002Web Design Era 2002 - 2006Web Design Era 2006 - 2010Web Design Era 2010 - 2014Web Design Era 2014 - 2017


  1. This is a great infographic but I am thinking in terms that how can we apply the present demands to create even better solutions of the future. While one dimension of the future expansion of web development will be happening this old-fashioned way of meeting with customer demands, the other part will be integration of VR in the modern website designs, while bringing 3d printing features within websites will also become a need of the hour in the near future. However, how long is it going to take to become a reality will decide everything. That’s where I think that you can make some great predictions about the future of web designing and development.


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