InfographicsAn Infographic on Web Design Era by Eduonix

An Infographic on Web Design Era by Eduonix

An Infographic on Web Design Era

When you click on a website, the first thing you interact with is the design. If the website does not appeal to you, as a user, then you won’t stay on it any longer than you have to. This has to do with the design of that website.

A web designer is responsible for designing, and creating the layout of the website and also any interactive elements that they may add to it. So, if you click on a box and it pops up to include more information, that is a designing element. If you want a design to move when you scroll over it, that is a designing technique. All of this is often the job of a web designer.

However, it is not only limited to simply interactive elements and website colors, but a whole lot of more is included. A designer must know and understand front-end programming languages such as HTML and CSS to understand what is possible to design and what isn’t.

Additionally, a designer is also responsible for creating the Icons and the Banner of the website. From the placement of the icon, to its design, to even the size, a designer must keep in mind all of these aspects when creating the page layout. Everything should work well together. Here is a great Icon Design to help you get started.

If you want to get a more detailed idea about Web Design, you can check out this infograph below:
ERA 2017Web Design Era 1990 - 1994Web Design Era 1994 - 1998Web Design Era 1998 - 2002Web Design Era 2002 - 2006Web Design Era 2006 - 2010Web Design Era 2010 - 2014Web Design Era 2014 - 2017


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