Internet of ThingsSocial Media Changes Triggered by Internet of Things

Social Media Changes Triggered by Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to change anything and everything from your door key to your refrigerator. It will touch each corner of business and economic world connecting every person to a number of things.

One such thing that will see immense transformation due to IoT is Social Media and marketing. Social media marketing is a decade old practice, but are you aware about the changes IoT can bring to social media?

Let us see how IoT will bring a new transformation to the platform of social communication.

    1. On-Demand Services
      Social media always seeks convenience, and IoT has made sure it offers it. The meaning of convenience has changed a lot over the past few years. Before it was going out to have dinner, and now it’s the dinner that comes to your doorstep with one click.
      IoT technology will increase consumer convenience expectations, and adhering to this expectations is a must to keep your business growing. Your Social Media should react to people’s emotions, expectations and needs to deliver satisfaction.
    2. Smart marketing
      The main concept of marketing starts from your sales data. By automating what, why and how your data will achieve results will enable you to better handle your audiences. In the era of smart devices, you can readily collect all the consumer behaviour and monitor your interactions.
      IoT looks forward to making these things easy for you by automatically gathering all the relevant information, increasing your ROI on marketing. And areas where there is nothing much that can be done, an IoT device will find an alternate solution easily.
    3. Predictive analysis
      When the social media originally started taking becoming popular on the internet, there were many people who considered it less worth targeting. But today we know how well it turns out to be. So not predicting the behaviour of your customers, brand and market can result in a great difficulty.Many social media marketers look forward to using the emerging technology in their marketing strategies by 2018 as a replacement to their email marketing.
      In fact, in 2018, 62 percent of marketers plan to prioritize social media as a marketing medium. The technology will automatically send out relevant posts to the users based on their behavior, and create a new global community.
    4. Community
      Perhaps, one of the most interesting thing that IoT can do to social media is changing the traditional trend of community by connecting objects everywhere we travel. We might be able to enter into the micro-level, interest-focused communities for a short while and then switch to another.
      Such communities will not only provide feature rich experience, but also enable you to understand a complex personalities of human behavior. Imagine you traveling to a new country and establishing a connection to your surrounding for activities and interactions. People can then consider being more safe and secure.
    5. Collaboration and sharing
      The social media sector is transforming itself with technologies that will be highly skilled, professional and knowledge based. The concept is brought forth by IoT devices that consists of sensors that seamlessly interact with other professional services.
      Gathering people’s brainpower can speed up a companies operations, people can capture, catalog and share their ideas through a community of similar interest. There are many tools available which facilitate social interaction to get the work done and share information.
    6. Realm of healthcare
      The IoT is expected to bring one of the best trends in the healthcare sector. Patients and hospital staff can connect easily to the superiors and best health professionals using the available tools. The big data structure will enable anyone, anywhere to share their concerns by accessing data over the cloud.
      The concept not only aims at helping the needy to communicate, but also allow people to gather and share health information letting us live a healthy and happy life.

Social media will certainly see a huge difference bringing the platform to the next big thing. IoT doesn’t ignore the current trends, but vastly connects the entire social system smartly. Connecting everywhere with the future technology will drive positive results for many social media marketers. Let us re-invent the experience with social media!


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