Myths of Java Programming


In this article we will study about myths of java programming which are just a misconception and incorrect views about java.

Different myths of java programming are given below:

  1. Program is Slow (Because of Java):
    • It is often said that swing is slow which is totally incorrect.
    • GUI components that are created in swing are controlled from java which increases its portability and makes it controllable from within a java program.
    • Some applications do not require complex GUI that is maintained by swing like menu bars, buttons, etc. while mouse and keyboard processing is done by AWT.
    • Normal windowing environment is now suspended by the latest version of Java.
  2. Memory related Complaint:
    • Another memory related complaint about java is that the garbage collector in Java is executing at poorly timed intertvals which causes the application to halt for seconds till the collector sweeps and cleans.
    • JVM has different garbage collectors which can be fined tuned from the command line.
    • So, performance information of the collector can be gathered and analyzed as java offers many tools for these tasks including jps, jstack, etc.
  3. Java is Too High-Level:
    • A misconception that usage of Java’s classes, objects and inheritance provides imposes heavy overhead without providing coding benefit.
    • But java has large class of library which has high speed I/O and advanced 2D,3D graphics concepts with wide range of networking techniques.
    • Also advantages of object oriented design enriched with UML makes the large and complex system more manageable during development and maintenance.
  4. Javas machine independence means fast operations like direct Video RAM I/O are impossible:
    • It has been addressed in recent versions of Java which has introduced a full screen exclusive mode (FSEM) that has suspended the normal windowing environment.
    • It provides and allows an application direct access to the underlying graphics hardware.It also provide controls over screen resolution and image depth.
    • The principal aim of FSEM is to speed up graphics-intensive applications like games.
  5. Java is Slow:
    • Yes, this concept was true regarding Java long back.
    • Bust as java matured over the years, this slowness problem of java has been vanished off.
    • Java has evolved to be an effective programming language that doesn’t have performance issues.
  6. The open JDK is for academic’s use and you cannot use it in bigger application production system:
    • This is the greatest myth in the Java world.
    • For example, few years back Twitter switched to Java by replacing Ruby.
    • This change was done to obtain high performance and for this they are using openjdk.
    • According to survey Twitter has about 250 millions of tweets each day.
  7. Java version doesn’t matter:
    • Many people have a misconception that they can keep on using 1.4 forever and it will not affect performance.
    • But Java is steadily being improving over this past years 1.6 is faster than 1.5 similarly 1.5 is much faster than 1.4.
    • Also you can run 1.4 byte code on the higher versions.
  8. Java Installation is a nightmare:
    • There is a misconception that user must be a java expert in order to execute a java application which includes:
      • Java has to be on machine before the application will run
      • It is not possible to compile the application for specific platform.
    • All these problems can be solved by using good installation software.
    • Java Web Start can be used to download applications and it has been improved significantly since J2SE 1.4.
  9. Applets can read your hard drive and delete your files:
    • If an applet tries to access local files it will throw a security Exception. If uncaught, the applet will get crash but no file access occur.
  10. Java requires a web browser and only runs in a web browser:
    • Most of the Java users are familiar with applet that runs inside a web browser.
    • Java application can run like a normal programs by installing JVM with the help of which you gain the ability to run java programs.

Thus, Java actually holds a lot more potential than many people realize.It’s more than just applets – Java software can run inside a web server or standalone.. All the complaints about java that it is slow, it has memory related issues,etc..are just myths of java programming and that these misconceptions should be removed with clear concepts and strategies.


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