Marketing8 Ways of Keeping your Content Fresh and Engaging

8 Ways of Keeping your Content Fresh and Engaging

Considering how digital marketing is now the predominant form of advertising, and how it allows entrepreneurs to compete on a, more or less, levelled playing field, it comes as no surprise why so many resources are invested in it. Before even starting your own line of work, you should conduct a thorough research on many fronts.

First of all, you need to know whether the niche you are considering is fruitful, i.e. whether your merchandise will be in demand. Even if you plan on focusing on online transactions, you’ll most likely have to start with localized content.

Considering how your website is also your store, you will have to take extra care, for the sake of making it more enticing for any visitor. The best way to do this is by making the content on your site engaging, and updating it with new content constantly. So, here are some suggestions on how to approach this matter.

1. Follow trends

One thing that you should make a part of your content are the latest industry news and trends. Of course, not just any latest trend, but popular niche-related topics. Basically, you should do reviews and news on the upcoming products, see how your audience responds to those novelties. In addition to staying relevant, you will have a rough idea of whether you should stock up on certain new products or adjusting your marketing strategy.

Following trends is usually a great approach if you are focused on affiliate marketing, as your source of revenue. Make sure you offer an honest opinion in the content – you are not there to advertise a particular product, but simply to point out its advantages and shortcomings, and state whether it is a worthy buy.

2. Make it personal

If you really want to sound authentic, you need to add a more personal note to the content on your website. You can tell stories about yourself and allow your customers to get to know you better in order to forge a lasting bond. Think about what Apple did, the story about Steve Jobs’ success is a tale almost any Mac user knows.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should write stories about yourself, but as you write or record new content you can add a minor personal detail, preferably something related to your experience in the niche. If your audience feels closer to you, they are more likely to select you as their provider.

3. Start with a good hook (thought provoking opening)

When it comes to written content, it would be in your best interest to grab the reader’s attention and make him or her read the whole article. If that is not entirely possible, at least make them scan through what you have written and create strong subheadings for better impact. Clearly, your niche will dictate to what extent this is possible, but with good writing and some twists, you can pull off just about anything.

4. Simplify the content if needed

The content cannot be engaging if it is not easy to follow. So, when trying to elaborate on some of the more complex concepts, try to explain them in such a way that even someone who has insufficient background knowledge can understand them.

Or try to wrap it up in a manner that it sparks curiosity, so that the reader can willingly pursuit the answers he or she requires in order to understand your statements. When dealing with more complex topics, it is better to use videos to explain them, but that will be covered a bit later on.

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5. Initiate engagement

This is incredibly easy, and it is one of those situations where everybody wins. You can save tons of resources if you allow your community to help with spreading brand awareness. There are numerous websites that award points for sharing content, or voting on other websites, etc.

Even Facebook games have that system – they give in-game perks to those who share content or recruit friends. You’ll just have to find a way to track user engagement, and if someone has displayed a great level of devotion, offer them a small discount – it is the more cost-effective to advertise in this manner then to pay for boosting content.

6. Add some visual content (videos)

Now we come to videos. Videos are extremely useful for conveying your message, far more than a written text. This is primarily because our power of retention is much greater when we have visual aids accompanying our presentation.

So, if you make a video, don’t just film yourself talking. This is basically the same as reading, use something to demonstrate your points, like an animated clip. Videos are also great if you want to have a tutorial as a part of your content, and tutorials are a type of content that almost never grows old.

7. Be on schedule

Natural growth will take time, but if you want to retain your audience and acquire new potential customers/viewers, you’ll need to have an established schedule. This means that you’ll have to update your website with new content once or twice a week.

This will habituate the engagement of your subscribers, and web crawlers will be able to notice constant activity on your website. You should also keep them updated by sharing new content on social networks, posting videos on your YouTube channel and sending e-mails.   

8. Segment larger topics

Lastly, if you are trying to enrich your website with more complex and larger topics, make sure you segment them. This will give you more material to easily fill in your schedule, and it will be easier for your followers to keep up with what’s going on, since it can be a lot to take in a single sitting.

Finally, you won’t have to rush the creation process, and you can make sure everything is executed perfectly, plus you have more content that subscribers can click on. This is why when people create videos they are more likely to create three 20 minute videos, than one 60 minute video.


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