MarketingGame Changing Features of YouTube's 2017 Update

Game Changing Features of YouTube’s 2017 Update

Game Changing Features

The second half of 2017 can be tagged as a period of “aesthetic makeover” for the YouTube brand of online videos. When you say aesthetics, it is all about changing the look and feel of the product in question. Since the last 12 years, YouTube was conspicuous with a logo that symbolized the concept of “a tube in a tube”.

It is an interesting piece of trivia to note that tube is the colloquial representation of a television set since it came embedded with vacuum tubes. However, the present generation is skewed towards online video streaming via computers and mobile phones connected to the internet. In line with this paradigm shift, YouTube too seems to be making aesthetic and functional changes, much to the delight of online video lovers.

Let us now look at all the game changers under separate heads of logo, mobile and desktop apps that YouTube has come up with in August 2017.

The Details of the Logo Makeover
YouTube, the most patronized brand of online videos is sporting a new and refreshing logo. For the first time, the brand chose to shift its focus from the “tube” element to the most commonly used “play” button; a right arrow. Not only is the new logo attracting the attention of online video lovers, the service is poised to flaunt a new typeface along with a different color scheme. As if these changes are not enough, you will be surprised to know that the brand is going through a major overhaul concerning the way the app looks and feels along with a host of functionality edits to the mobile and desktop apps.

The Premise behind the Latest Red Color Scheme
Describing the new YouTube logo in words, the brand consciously incorporated a red tube with a white screen embedded with a white play button. This graphic representation followed by the word mark YouTube in black was in line with a purpose. And the underlying purpose behind this logo makeover was to facilitate the brand’s presence irrespective of space constraints. Take for example your smartphone. The screen is small since it comes with a limited space. This new and brightened logo can now be featured as an abbreviated logo; a symbol that can make its strong presence felt to users.
New & Old logo of Youtube
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YouTube Desktop and Mobile Apps Sport a Brand New Look With Additional Features
It is not all about only the look and feel of the brand. YouTube, through its most recent renovation has set its eyes on the inclusion of user-friendly features. Promising a great deal of comfort in watching videos on your internet connected desktop or smartphone, it is through Material Design aesthetic that YouTube is staying on top of the ball.

Incorporating the next gen capabilities of Google design, it is through the use of state-of-the-art software that YouTube is churning out videos with lesser shadows and boxes that were impairing the viewing experience of video lovers. Bringing the main content to the forefront, it is through this technological upgrade that viewers can experience the comfort of online video streaming.

Moving Towards a Unified Design
Speaking of a unified design, YouTube is moving towards the promise of delivering similar features to different versions. Variable speed playback, a feature that was exclusive to the YouTube desktop app will soon make its presence felt in mobiles. Supporting the mini-player arrangement, video lovers can browse for the next clip without interrupting the already streaming video. This feature is planned to be installed on a desktop web browser and is in the testing stage.

Shake Hands with the Novel Concept of Vertical Video
All along, YouTube was playing full-screen vertical videos. But the recent advancements come in the form of an adaptive vertical video when you can enjoy the video in the min-player alongside enabling you to scroll down. Additionally, you will be able to read the comments that were posted by other users. This is a novel advancement employed by YouTube; manifesting a dynamic adaptation to multiple aspect ratios.

An interesting titbit is that videos were always meant to be screened horizontally. This is because of the fact that our eyes are set horizontally. Playing a vertical video without having to rotate your phone by 90° thus allows you to comfortably watch and enjoy vertical videos without any hassles.

The Final Word: –
All in an attempt to improve the usability features of online video streaming, the above game changers are poised to attract the attention of many viewers to subscribe to the videos that are played on YouTube. With these functional and aesthetic changes, the brand is steadily moving to garner the support of video lovers by making them watch videos for a longer time. By doing so, the brand is gaining global patronage with a huge fan following till such time another innovation begins to take shape.


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