MarketingTop 11 PPC Trends to Look for in 2017

Top 11 PPC Trends to Look for in 2017

PPC Trends

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) was a hot topic in 2016 and continues to be one today for its ability to generate leads and to improve traffic. Of course, each year, the trends and preferences in marketing keep changing for the better and this year isn’t any different. Here’s a list of trends that you can’t afford to miss in 2017

1. Audience targeting
Just like in 2016, personalized audience targeting is the main focus this year as well. Businesses are in search of new features that can help improve audience targeting so that they can reach out to them at the right time. You can utilize data from different initial party knowledge source/tools like Google’s client Match or RLSA or CRM database to come up with campaigns for more specified audience targeting. The increase in audience targeting trend calls for improvements in search engine resources to provide businesses with more data. As a result, new parameters for the same are being added to search ads and to develop dynamic ads.

2. Similar audiences
Similar or lookalike audiences refer to groups of audience with common interests and needs. When you are looking forward to focus on audience targeting in 2017, this is one trend in PPC that you must keep an eye on. Facebook is the best tool to identify similar audiences while Google is just behind it. Identifying lookalike audience can be of great use when it comes to increasing conversion rates in PPC campaigns.

3. Go mobile-friendly
With increase in smartphone users across the globe, you cannot afford to ignore making your campaigns mobile-friendly. But, a mobile-friendly ad alone cannot give the expected results. You must also create a mobile landing page to provide easy access to the audience while making necessary enhancements to improve leads and traffic to the page.

4. Video Marketing
Videos have the power of connecting the audience at a more personal and interactive level compared to any other medium and therefore, 2017 shows an increasing video marketing trend. Include video content into your website and social media platforms and you’ll soon see an increase in leads and traffic.

5. Text ads with more characters
Unlike the previous years, Google now provides you with more space for text ads that you can utilize for creating an elaborated ad copy. This gives you more flexibility to create better ads that can strike a chord with the audience. Also, increase in text means improved search engine visibility. It’s true that text ads have become a bit expensive due to the increase in space. But, it’s worth giving a try for the higher conversion rates it’s going to bring.

6. Adoption of new technologies
When technology advances, you must learn to utilize them for better marketing. This will provide you with more detailed data in terms of insights. Voice search is trending in 2017 thanks to the increase in voice search queries. Therefore, more advertisers are looking forward to include it while expanding the services of their digital personal assistants.

7. Google Shopping Ads
If you plan to do a PPC campaign for an e-commerce site, you cannot afford to ignore creating a shopping campaign. Google had announced expansion of its Shopping Ads in 2015 and this may be of great use to you for your campaign. You must first create a Google Merchant Account and then, link it to your AdWords account after which you can create your shopping campaign. The latest Google Shopping Ads feature focuses on the products and comes with advanced reporting capabilities. It also allows you to have control over your campaign with custom labels and campaign priorities. You can also access the competitive metrics that the feature provides, to improve your marketing strategies.

8. Click-to-message Google Ads
In October 2016, Google introduced the Click-to-message feature to their Adwords search ads and since then, search ads have started gaining more importance than before. The feature allows customers to directly connect to you for queries or feedbacks and can continue to do so whenever they want and therefore, it is the best way to improve conversion rates.

9. Remarketing
Remarketing has been considered an important part of marketing strategies and continues to be so in 2017 as well. Remarketing is a kind of online advertising where the ads are visible to users who have visited your website at least once. This helps them familiarize with your business and thereby, turn them in to your loyal customers.

10. Real-time data in paid ads
This is one of the latest PPC trends that were introduced just few months ago. It allows you to display real-time data such as inventory, dates, times, and product availability in your ads.

11. Custom automation
Automation tools make your job easier by making the best use of your resources especially when you have different groups of audience to target. But, at the same time, you cannot leave everything in the hands of a third party management tool alone. Instead, you can adopt a hybrid approach which involves manually analysing the insights and developing strategies and then using the automation tools. This helps you to have a better control over your marketing approach while easily dealing with all complications that come with it.

When your competitors move forward adapting to new trends, it’s not wise for you to stay where you are. You must also come up with new strategies involving the latest trends that can help you improve the conversion rates and thereby, boost your sales.


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