Many businesses seem to agree. The market research industry has doubled in revenue since 2008. As of 2019, the industry’s global revenue has exceeded 73.4 billion US dollars.

If you’re wondering whether investing in market research is worth it, look into it further. Below we have provided information that could help.

Market Research Defined

Market research is the gathering of data to help understand a business’ target market. Companies can then use this information to make various decisions. These can include product conceptualization, marketing campaigns, customer service, etc.

There are various market research methods available. Businesses can conduct surveys, focus groups, interviews, and product testing, among others. You can do this in-house, especially if the company has a dedicated specialist. There are also third-party companies that offer these services.

How Market Research Can Help You

Most companies are aware of market research and its potential benefits. However, not every business might consider it a high priority. If you still need some persuading, here’s how market research can help your business.

Maintains Client-Centricity

The most direct benefit to conducting market research is understanding your customer base. This understanding will help maintain a client-centric approach, crucial for any business. In fact, client-centric companies are 60% more profitable.

Understanding your customers is step one to improving your business operations. Your business is there to fulfill a want or a need. Market research allows you to find out what these needs are and how you can address them.

Builds Better Customer Connections

Marketing your product or service shouldn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. Businesses across various industries have widely varying customer bases. Even a single company can have different kinds of customers.

With market research, you’re better attuned to your customers’ values. You’d know what grabs their attention. Using this information helps your business craft better and more effective marketing campaigns. Knowing what they want can improve your customer service.

Market research helps you build better and stronger connections with your customer base. This can be especially helpful for customer retention.

Reduces Unnecessary Risk

Every business involves some degree of risk. However, being reckless is also not the way to go.

Organizing marketing campaigns and developing new products can have high costs. It can be incredibly unwise to implement such projects without any solid basis.

Conducting market research beforehand can help ground your plans a bit better. You’d have a good view of your target market’s industry trends and demographics. This knowledge will help you hone in on the most effective strategies to pursue. Forty percent of marketers abide by this rule, using consumer research to drive decisions.

There is nothing wrong with being experimental. Suppose your business is working on limited resources. If that’s the case, it’s best to be wise about each business decision and eliminate any undue risks.

The Bottom Line

Every business can benefit a lot from well-thought-out strategies. Conducting market research is the first step to achieving this.

Market research will require time and resources, but it is often worth the investment. It provides your business with valuable information to make the right decisions.

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