Mobile Programming11 Amazing Mobile Programming Apps for your iPad

11 Amazing Mobile Programming Apps for your iPad

Mobile Programming Apps

Are you looking for a compact and compatible device to code on the go and swap it with your bulky computer?

How about an iPad?

Yes, it looks like an e-book reader but this mean machine comes with apps equipped with dedicated development settings, remote consoles, robust programming, coding features and that too, at the disposal of programmer’s fingertips.

After digging around a lot of apps and trying them out, here is the list of 11 amazing mobile programming apps for your iPad.

1. Coda
Formerly a Mac editor, it now comes with an efficacious iPad and iPhone text editor. Coda allows syntax highlighting for Go, Python, PHP, C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Apache, and a few more.

It also comes with the device and remote data management, a diverse range of remote file transfer protocols (like WebDAV, DreamObjects, SFTP and Amazon S3). It includes a unique feature called ‘Clips’, an easy way to save and duplicate generally used snippets of code.

2. iOctocat
This GitHub backed iPhone and iPad app comes in two versions Basic and Pro. The former version restricts users access to GitHub Enterprise archives while the paid version allows users to go through public repositories, open, fix and edit problems, access their activity log along with a user and repository lookup tool.

3. Buffer Editor
This is a robust code editor which can easily access a variety of remote services like Github, SFTP and FTP servers, Dropbox, iCloud SSH. Additionally, it comes with an expansive keyboard, Unicode Support and supports Vim coding.

Similar to the rest of the apps, it’s also capable of doing syntax highlight and perform coding auto completion for a diverse range of coding languages such as C++, HTML, C#, INI, AWK, Arduino, ActionScript, Ada, C, CSS, R, SQL, Java, Puppet, Perl, PHP, Python, Progress, JavaScript, Ruby, and a handful of others.

4. Textastic Code Editor
This powerful iPad editor app permits users to code and performs syntax highlighting for more than 80 markup and programming languages. The app operates on its own server and can easily access other remote services (includes FTP, WebDAV servers, SFTP and Dropbox). Similar to its contemporaries, it also performs automatic code completion for JavaScript, HTML, PHP and CSS functions while doing editing.

5. Codea
If your objective is to create games or simulators, Codea is your best bet. You can do visual fixes for Lua, syntax highlighting and use many other powerful features like visuals renderer, source documentation, Physics tool engine, shader help and assistance to touch or sensations, camera and accelerometer. Apps made with Codea can be shared on Xcode and be further made as Apple Store App.

6. AppCooker
With AppCooker you can easily duplicate iPad applications and then test as well as run them on devices with the help of a free associated app. For the app to function, you need to have native iOS7 installed so mock-ups can be easily controlled.

7. Pythonista
Pythonista serves programmers with an inclusive programming setting, for those working with Python. Its prerequisites include iOS 8 and it allows syntax highlighting, code auto-completion and runs on Python 2.7 and 3.5 too. It includes a variety of third-party tools like Bottle, SciPy, BeautifulSoup, Flask modules, along with Matplotlib and NumPy alliance for precise visualizations.

8. OmniGraffle
If site planning is on your cards, then OmniGraffle is perfect for you. It has diagramming tools and easy to work UI when compared to other apps. Programmers can easily draw various shapes and move these shapes while receiving quick advice from the inbuilt app guide. It comes along with a wide variety of paid in-app features which offer diverse shapes, tables and supports Visio.

9. JavaScript Anywhere
With JavaScript Anywhere you can edit JavaScript, CSS and HTML code from your iOS gadget and test them in the app’s inbuilt browser. Once you have created what you wanted, you can drop it in your Dropbox.

10. Kodiak PHP
This app is an offline PHP IDE built for iPad and is equipped with an inbuilt PHP decoder created with the most popular extensions. It comes with syntax highlighting and includes a powerful keyboard in the editor. You can code and perform trial runs of your application directly on your iPad and skip the need of uploading the app to a server. But, if you want to use a database such as MySQL, it will require connectivity as it will run on an external server. The same goes if you are working with PHP curl 1.

11. CodeToGo
With CodeToGo you can create and command code in 50 various programming languages, such as Java, Perl, Python and Ruby, along with syntax highlighting for most of these languages.

It may not be the best app appearance wise, but it’s comparatively spontaneous and simple to operate. You can access Dropbox and share data files back and forth from your computer through iTunes File Sharing. As soon as you are finished with your code, you can preview the results, through the API. One major drawback is that it will require a working internet connection to perform the code. But, you can save and store your code for later preview when internet connection is available.



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