Learn the Role of UI and UX in Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Role of UI and UX in Mobile App Development
The success of a mobile app lies in how well it is able to grab the attention of end-users. This is possible only if the app is designed considering the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).

User Interface (UI)
User Interface of a mobile app isn’t just about the aesthetic elements like screen size and colour schemes. It’s also about how good your app looks and how well it functions so that it helps boost customer engagement, improve retention and increase revenue and recognition for a business. The duty of the graphic designer is to design the interface of an app by considering the demands of the end-users.

User Experience (UX)
User Experience is what the user feels about the app. It includes every aspect of users’ interaction with the app. The ultimate idea of an efficient user experience is to earn the trust of the customers by developing a simple and usable app and thereby leaving the users satisfied. A good UX designer does intense research on the specific industry the app is being built for in terms of the users’ needs and current market trends before the app design begins.

The role of UX/UI in the success of a mobile app
A mobile app has to perform well and provide the users with exactly what they are looking for, in order to be successful. This is possible only if the app has perfect UI and UX design to create engaging experiences. The main reason why businesses build an app is to create a brand image, improve brand recognition, generate traffic naturally and to increase revenue. An effective UI/UX structure compels the users to stay and help businesses to eventually earn loyal customers. A good UI
Helps load the app faster
Provides the users with top-notch user experience in terms of navigation, look and feel to widen your customer base
Some of the important elements of an efficient UI/UX design include:

Standardized elements
Use conventional elements like symbols, colours, icons and buttons that the users are familiar with. Also, make sure that elements that you use, be it visual or text, are simple so that the users do not need extra instructions to understand the working of the app. This gives them confidence to use your app without any confusions.

Great speed
An efficient UI design is never time consuming. Remember, the longer it takes to load the app, the more number of users you will lose. Therefore, a UI designer must provide information about the process in the form of notifications thereby enhancing the interface and save time.

The look of the app isn’t the only thing that attracts a user. They also look at how easily the users get to handle the app is a factor as well.

Maintain a uniform pattern throughout the design of the interface so that the users find it easy to use.

It’s time businesses recognise the importance of UI and UX designing in mobile app development. An efficient UI/UX design fulfilling end-user needs, helps to drive sales and earn loyal customers.


  1. In short, UI and UX play a major role in mobile app development as it acts as a tie-breaker when it comes to engagement and user dwell time.
    Great article, thanks.


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