Press ReleaseEduonix Introduces its biggest Full Stack course on Kickstarter

Eduonix Introduces its biggest Full Stack course on Kickstarter

Eduonix introduces a new Kickstarter campaign for it’s Full Stack Developer Bundle Course.

ORLANDO, Florida – September 22, 2016 – Eduonix Learning Solutions, a leading online e-learning company, announced a new Kickstarter Campaign for it’s new massive course that includes over 40+ hours of content and 40+ projects.

Eduonix firmly believes in a unique way of teaching, which depends on theory as well as a practical approach. While theory is important to understand the fundamentals, it also believes that its users should also have hands-on experience to actually start using the technology.

“We want our users to actually learn development with our courses and hence we design them in such a manner that the users are exposed to both theory as well as practical. This is why we focus more on introducing Project-based courses to help them understand how to actually use the technology they are learning about.” said Sushant Das, Co-founder and CEO at Eduonix.

‘The Full Stack Developer Bundle — Learn By Building 40+ Apps’ is the biggest project that Eduonix has undertaken so far and it centers around helping developers become a complete full stack developer.

Full Stack Developers are developers that are comfortable with working in both the frontend and the backend of a website or an app. They understand the requirements and the need of the app or website and can create a more seamless interface, eliminating the needs of multiple developers working on one project.

The Full Stack Developer course has also been designed keeping Eduonix’s core principles in mind and the company is looking to create a massive course that can help developers everywhere learn complete website or app development. From front-end to server-side, to even debugging, they should be able to design, develop and even test their own app or website.

The Full Stack Course has been designed around five core components – Frontend, Backend, Databases, Debugging and Version Control. Each section includes multiple technologies, so that you can expand your capabilities as a developer across all segments,” Das added.

However, newbies should not be worried as the course does not leave them hanging high and dry. The course starts with some basic simple projects and simple technologies for all major segments, before taking you deeper into the depths of each technology.

Each segment will include at least five or more technologies that will be covered in detail.
Here are the different segments broken down with the technology that will be covered within them.

Frontend Backend Databases Other Essential Technologies Version Control & Debug
HTML Node.js MySQL Memcached GIT & Subversion
HTML5 Meteor.js PostgreSQL Redis Task Runners – Grunt, Gulp
CSS3 MongoDB MongoDB Apache Lucene Debuggers – Xdebug, FireDebug
Twitter Bootstrap Angular CouchDB Apache Solr
JavaScript PHP Apache Cassandra
JQuery Ruby on Rails

All of the technologies mentioned above will be covered in theory and in practical. There will be a fundamentals and introduction section for each technology, after which the users will use the technology to create multiple different projects with what they learned.

The syllabus has been designed keeping in mind newbies and developers who are looking to expand their skills and become a full stack programmer. The course will provide the students with:

  • A chance to learn the ins and out of designing, developing, server side scripting, debugging and even testing.
  • Help expand your comfort zone to include more programming technologies.
  • Hands on experience with some of the world’s greatest frontend and backend technologies.
  • Being able to design an app from scratch and translating it into a running app, ready for publishing.
  • A portfolio of over more than 40 different projects.

This Kickstarter campaign is a means for Eduonix to earn as much support and pledges as possible to help them not only complete this goal, but also give them a push for their stretch goals, which include creating numerous different courses and to continue improving their platform and support for current and future students.

Help Eduonix change the education world, one student at a time. Back their project on Kickstarter by pledging support for their Full Stack Developer Bundle.



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