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Python programming language

Despite Python’s recent success to becoming one of the most popular and used programming languages in the world, the majority of the programmers know that this language is not young by any means. It is also not that old when compared to some other programming language, though Python has been around for longer than many believe. It was created by G van Rossum and initially released in 1991. Since then, this programming language has changed considerably over the years and is still used for similar things as it was used in its initial days.

This is also one of the major reasons for its popularity. People who know Python consider it as a purely production-based language designed for first-class projects and enterprise. Along with the rich history, this language has a huge community and it can be used for anything. That is the reason why it is considered so versatile. With Python, you can do so much, such as creating scripts for desktop programs, building Raspberry Pi applications, training machine learning algorithms, configure servers and so many other things.

Really, with this programming language, there are no limits… But before jumping directly to the top blogs for Python, let’s explore some other facts about Python.

Why Python is so Special?


It is a general-purpose programming language which was designed to be simple for writing and reading. Python is not at all complex language and anyone having the basic knowledge of programming can start with it. The developers behind Python paid less attention to conventional syntax like any other programming language and that is the reason which makes Python very easy to work with, even for non-programmers.

Other than this, Python offers several options to programmers in general and meets all their different development needs. If they start with Python for any particular task or project, it is easier for them to jump or switch to any other task or project even if it’s a totally different field or industry. This language can be used for artificial intelligence & machine learning, data science, web development, system operations, deployment, scientific modeling, server and administrative tools, and so much more.

But to your surprise, numerous developers don’t consider Python as their primary programming language because of the fact that it’s easy to learn and use, and they take Python as their secondary or third programming language.

Of course, thanks to all its features, today, various big names including Google, Amazon, Facebook and others are using Python for several of their applications. 

What can Python do?

From myriads of things, some popular use of Python programming language are as follows:

  • Widely used for building and training artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.
  • Can easily handle big data and perform complex mathematics.
  • Widely used for data science-related tasks like data cleaning, data analysis & others.
  • Used alongside software for creating workflows.
  • Used on a server for creating web-based applications.
  • It can connect database systems and can also read or modify files.
  • Highly recommended for rapid prototyping or for production-ready software development.

To know more about Python programming language, you can read Why is Python Programming Language So Popular Among Programmers?. It is a complete blog which includes all the major facts like historical breakthroughs, IDE’s, applications, code comparison and so much more.

Now, the question comes, “Why Python?”


It is packed with several features which programmers love for their projects. Some of which are listed below.

  • Python is a cross-platform programming language i.e. it can be used for Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi and others.
  • It has a simple syntax which is very similar to the English language.
  • Thanks to its syntax, with Python, developers can write programs in fewer lines of codes than any other existing programming languages.
  • Python runs on an interpreter system which allows developers to execute the code as soon as it is written or completed. This makes prototyping very quick.
  • It can be treated in an object-oriented way, a functional way or a procedural way.

So, this was the basic overview of Python programming language and now is the time to discuss top Python Blogs which you should follow.

Top Python-related Blogs to Follow

Be it an experienced developer with quite a knowledge of programming or the newbie in the programming world who is just about to step his or her foot in the real world of programming, resources always counts. Same applies to Python programming language. Though it is clear that Python is an easy-to-grasp language and at the same time it is very versatile; it is very important for you to use python effectively and that can only be possible by reading and constantly educating yourself with all the trends, developments and breakthrough related to Python. 

It is not important whether you are starting with basic tutorials, or news or the recent developments, but the quality of your resource matters. And for making things more easy for you and narrow your field of vision to make choices easier, we have listed the top 15 Python-based blogs with which you can start your journey or keep yourself updated about everything related to Python programming language.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in top E-Books on Python, you can read “E-Books for Python Learning!

Planet Python

It is one of the most reliable and trusted sources for all your Python needs. Blogs on Planet Python are very comprehensive and every day many new posts are uploaded which you can read. Planet Python includes a wide range of blogs mostly because of the fact that it also brings Python-based articles from other blogs which are all reputed. People managing Planet Python carefully select posts from other blogs to provide the quality which results in a wide range of topics, tutorials, updates and news.

Full Stack Python

Numerous Python bloggers and readers consider Full Stack Python is a superb and comprehensive resource when it comes to Python. If you are the one who is seeking the correct resource for getting your Python application up and running without wasting any time, then Full Stack Python is something you should start following. Every single post on this blog is detailed and nicely presented so that you don’t miss anything helping you to get off your project off the ground. Here, from the basic practical knowledge of Python to details about developing or deploying your Python-based project, you’ll get everything. It is basically a safe choice for everyone who is connected to Python coding.

Mouse vs Python

You cannot resist its undeniable charm. The fact that this blog is run by the individual who makes his living by using Python, it’s a guarantee that Mouse vs Python will help you learn all the hacks or tricks for better your Python skills. It regularly posts about all the latest scoops related to Python. With all the latest announcements or updates along with interviews with the established names from the Python community, this blog helps you keep updated about everything about Python. This website might not have a clever title but is a perfect place to master and enhance your Python coding skills.

Real Python

It is another comprehensive blog for Python developers. If you are the one who loves eye-catching infographics, fun vibes, videos then Real Python should be your pit stop. It is filled with robust tutorials on Python which is very easy to understand and learn. On this website, you will learn all the necessary tools and skills required for you to begin with Python adventure.

Doug Hellmann

It is run by a prominent Python expert and blogger. It would be great if you will consider this website as the database for numerous Python-based libraries rather than any ordinary blog. Here, articles are not posted regularly, however, in the latest updates, you can find some very robust rundowns. Every now and then, you’ll read long articles which are written by Doug himself. All these posts act as a guide then just being the piece of information related to Python.


PyBloggers is the result of best Python bloggers who came together with the aim of creating a one-stop destination for all Python-related information. Similar to Planet Python, PyBloggers also brings together several posts from different Python bloggers present over the internet. Apart from blogs from other websites, they are also known for creating their own posts which are unique and useful for the developers. You can find hundreds of tips and tricks, tutorials, and updates which will help you to start coding in Python. Moreover, if you are the one who is interested in exploring the wide range of functions which Python provides, then PyBloggers should be your top pick.

Talk Python

It is a blog which is something completely different as it in audio form. TalkPython is different because in cases when you don’t have time to read a blog then this blog has the solution. It’s similar to any other blog included in this listicle, however, it’s just a podcast. You can begin with some of the renown Python experts who talk about important Python-related topics.

Python Software Foundation

Here Python creators publish all the fresh content which are related to Python. If you want to know what is currently going in the Python world, then your first place should be Python Software Foundation. It helps you to be at top of all the updates as soon as they take place along with all the latest news and tips from within the company.


You can refer Finxter as a Python-based blog for forward-thinking individuals. It is packed with a wide range of guides which is purely created for the better understanding of Python and will help you to get started with Python. It is designed for more hot, hip and trendy programmers. Majority of the blogs are bite-sized, however, all of them will teach you all the essential practical tips which will help you in the long run with Python.

The Python Guru

This blog offers numerous practical guides and Python-related solutions. Whether you are a veteran searching for some interesting topics or the absolute beginner who is looking to gets his or her hand dirty, here you’ll find everything to satisfy your needs. It includes hundreds of guides which is not all technical as most of them focusses more on practical applications of the software. It is useful especially for individuals who are carrying out business-related projects.


If you don’t like reading and all the blogs or tutorials isn’t something created for you, then PyVideo should be your option of choice. As the name suggests, this website is filled with over 13,000 videos. All of them focusses on the functionalities of different Python modules. It is perfect for you if you prefer listening then reading all the long articles.

Eduonix Blog

This one is the website which you are currently on. Eduonix is a place where you can find hundreds of blogs of Python. Moreover, if you are also into artificial intelligence and machine learning, then Eduonix will not be going to disappoint you. It includes comprehensive blogs and tutorials on all the important aspects of Python. Apart from Python, here you can also read information related to other topics which are directly or indirectly connected to Python.

Python Tips

It is a great website for learning all the tips related to Python which will help you better your coding skill and overall Python experience. It is packed with numerous bite-0sized Python-based tips which focus on coding and using Python correctly. This blog will help you to improve your Python coding skill set in no time.

Invent with Python Blog

It is a blog that is majorly dedicated to the automation aspect of the Python programming language. If you are the one who wants to experience how you can teach the machine and learn this complete art, then Invent With Python is the right place for you. With the blogs present on this website, you will be able to teach bots to play complex games without wasting much time.


If you are the individual who is the image processing domain of Python programming language then this blog is created for you. Here you will explore the image processing and all its basics or essentials. When you are ready, this blog will also help you to move forward with the more advanced level of image processing with all the detailed tutorials on the same topic.

Astro Python

It is one of the rare websites which combines Python and astronomy, a combination which you don’t see often. It is completely dedicated to packages like AplPy which is related to astronomy. Astro Python is for someone who is very passionate about astronomy and is also brilliant enough to use it with Python.


Neopythonic is the blog created by the author of Python itself i.e. Guido van Rossum. It is considered as one of the best places to read about all the news within the Python community. Neopythonic is rather an entertaining blog which revolves around technology, politics, culture and philosophy in which the creator of Python programming language believes.

Python Insider

This website is a perfect place to catch with all the news regarding to the developments and core information of Python programming. Python Insider covers and reports all the updates, functions and new libraries that even remotely relates to Python programming language.

It is another unique Python-related blog which will not only educate you regarding all the things which you can exploit with Python but will also challenge you with different projects on an everyday basis. If you take up all its challenges on a daily basis then for sure, your Python coding skills will be on the par with a master coder.

Python Conquers The Universe

Though the website name sounds fancy, this place is something which will seek your interest. More than just the blog, it is a community-driven website which will answer all your complex questions in simple solutions. You can state any of your Python-related problems which will be answered by Python experts having a long history of Python programming.

Final Words

So, this brings our listicle on top Python blogs to its end. To conclude, it is clear that Python is very versatile which already a majority of the people knows but also provides incredible solutions to hundreds of opportunities. With this, we will hope that this article will help you out of all your frustration of finding good blogs related to Python along with some fruitful reading sessions on the same topics. Before going, do share your opinions in the below comment sections and you can mention other important blogs which we forgot to include in this list. Till the next time, happy coding!


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