TechnologyNinja Guide To Content Creation: Top Writing Tools

Ninja Guide To Content Creation: Top Writing Tools

The progress of online writing jobs in recent years has been deeply noticed by all the professionals in that area across the globe. It seems that, with each month, technology pops out something new and more interesting than before. Although we are living in a time when using technological features and applications is normal, technology can still surprise us with something new. The same thing is when it comes to content creation and its writing tools. As there are many new freelancers and passionate writers incoming, making writing tools recorded a massive boost too. We will pass through our guide to content creation and try to identify what are the top writing tools for writers nowadays.


The first writing tool we are going to mention is the Apple product called Ulysses. This is a text editor and word processor preferably related to words, their shapes, and guides on how you should use them in the best way in your sentences. If you have any kind of issues about formatting, text layouts, and you prefer to be focused just on words, this is the right tool for you.

This product is available to all Apple device users such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac OS X. Also, for basic formatting this writing tool supports Markdown. Originally, the Ulysses software was released for Mac OS but from its 2.5 version, it is available on iPhones and iPods.


If you are making the list of top writing tools, mentioning the Ommwriter would be probably unfair. This is a distraction-free writing tool made by a creative and independent agency in Barcelona, Spain. The focus of the Ommwriter makers was to create a tool that will be good enough in keeping the attention of the user on his job. And they succeeded in it by making this product. 

If you are easy to distract and you are fighting with flying thoughts, you should consider using this tool. It is based on a natural setting which means that with it, you will achieve a great connection between your mind and writing skill. According to some essay writing service reviews, using this tool will make you hear your inner voice like you are all alone, no matter where you are at that moment. That makes it reliable enough to give it a try, right?


Speaking of the tools that are related to the distraction of the users, another one that can be truly effective to use is a ZenPen. As its suggesting, this tool is made to try to get you into feeling in a zen state while you are writing. Are you wondering what this exactly means?

Well, if you are not familiar with zen and what it is, we will give you an explanation. To simplify it, when a person is in zen, it feels so much comfortable and relaxed, like he is not present in this world at some particular moment. And that is what ZenPen is trying to somehow recreate. 

Staying in your software with all kinds of distractions is sometimes hard for the writers. By using this writing tool, you can forget about these problems. It is a minimalist writing zone with which you will stay focused on your main task, putting the ideas from your mind on the paper or screen. It just depends on what format of writing you prefer to use. All you will see in front of you is a blank page with a small options box. Where can you find better things to get inspiration from? 


When it comes to recently released applications and writing tools, the first one that will come to your mind is perhaps Evernote. Released by an Evernote Corporation on June 11 in 2020, this tool quickly got to the people’s hearts and minds.

It is an American application with the headquarters situated in Redwood City, North California. This is a tool preferably designed for archiving, task management, taking notes, so as organizing and making plans. With this tool on disposal, you can easily make your notes in the form of photographs, texts, drawings, audio, and web content. Of course, all of them will be classified and saved in your notebook where they can be tagged, edited, well searched, and annotated. The application of Evernote is available for both Android and iOS, such as Mac OS and Windows. 

There are 3 different versions with many features available of the Evernote: Basic, Premium, and Business. Let’s see what you can get by picking some of these versions.

  1. If you pick the Basic version which is free to use, here is what it can offer:
  • Synchronization across 2 devices
  • 60 MB of completely new uploads per month
  • Possibility to clip images and web pages, and PDF files
  • Searching for the text inside images
  • Adding a passcode lock to the mobile application
  • Getting a Community Support
  1. Premium versions of using Evernote will cost you about $73 per year. Let’s have a look at its features.
  • Synchronization to all devices
  • 10 GB of new uploads monthly
  • Sharing notes with colleges or friends
  • Access to the notebook while being offline
  • Search for the text in Office documents and PDF files
  • Present notes in just one click
  • Digitization and scanning of your business cards
  • Annotate PDF files
  1. A business version has the most features available and it is more expensive than the Premium one. You can have it for almost $17 per month. You will be able to use all of the features from the past 2 versions plus:
  • 20 GB of new uploads per month
  • Single Sign-On
  • Collaborating in a new workspace
  • Central user administration
  • Automation of user’s provisioning with SCIM
  • Sharing and collaborating with Spaces ( the newest feature)

Besides, you should also know that if the client software of Evernote is not available in your region, you can have access to your note archive media devices and web interface.

To Doist

To-do lists are something very common in the world of writing nowadays. A lot of editors, reviewers, and writers are using them by making a “to do” template in the article. Their goal is to focus all of their collaborative efforts on either writers or readers. By doing it, the effectiveness of the articles and the improvement of the editing process is on a much higher scale.

This tool is available to all Android, iOS, Web, Mac, and Windows users. Since the present day, this application has over 3 million users registered throughout the globe. To Doist is an organization that is having an emphasis on remote working arrangements in 40 different countries across the world and with over 40 staff available. In most cases, it is used as a Chrome extension. The main goal of this product is to allow the users to have the appropriate organization and interaction with other users to keep the consistency up as much as possible. However, it can provide some interesting features as well, such as:

  • Adding the emails from Gmail as tasks
  • The setting of the priorities and tasks
  • Setting reminders and due dates for the tasks
  • Sharing projects with team members
  • Discussions about the task in comments
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Recurring due dates for tasks


Today, there are constant mixed thoughts about what are the best writing tools that people should use. Each of them has something different and unique to offer. It all depends on your preferences, expectations, and what you are searching for in the writing tool. We are assuring you that if you choose any of the above, you won’t regret it. So, don’t hesitate and hurry to check some of those writing tools. Maybe they are hiding something you are not hoping for!

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