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Installation of Yii Framework

In this tutorial today we will learn the step by step process for the installation of Yii farmework .

  • So follow the steps given below to get your Yii framework installed successfully on your machine :

  1. First of all install any text editor for PHP .
  2. So lets’s install netbeans which we will use as an text editor.
  3. For installing netbeans go to the following url https://netbeans.org
  4. So you will get the following window :
  5. 1

  6. Now click on the download button and you will be redirected to page as shown below :
  7. 2

  8. Now download the PHP and HTML version of netbeans as shown in the above image by the red arrows .
  9. Also install the jdk from oracle.com .
  10. Now visit the following URL to download Yii Framework yiiframework.com.
  11. So when you visit this site you will have the following layout :
  12. 3

  13. Click on the framework as shown in the above image
  14. Now the following page will appear as shown below:
  15. 4

  16. Click on the .zip file as shown in the above image and save it .
  17. Also download the xampp server and get it installed .
  18. Now the zip file which we have downloaded for yii framework consists of the following contents :
  19. 5

  20. From the above file list copy the folder name framework and then paste it in the XAMPP folder
  21. Now open the file xamppphpphp.ini as can be seen below:
  22. 6.0

  23. Now in the file php.ini find the XDebug as shown below:
  24. 7

  25. Edit the code and replace it with following path as shown above as follows :
  26. 8

  27. Now open the command prompt as shown below:
  28. 8.1

  29. Now swap the location to your XAMPP folder location:
  30. 9

  31. Now go to the folder framework through command prompt as shown below:
  32. 10

  33. Now go into the htdocs folder located in xampp folder and create a folder name demoyii.
  34. 11

  35. Now open the file name yiic.bat from the location xamppframework as shown below :
  36. 12

  37. Open the yiic.bat file which can be viewed as follows :
  38. 13

  39. Now edit the above line as shown :
  40. 14

  41. Now we have configured our php with Yii framework. So now we can run our command through command prompt which we left in step 18
  42. Now to run our application through yii the following is the syntax:
    yiic webapp and then the location of the folder where you want to create the app
  43. For example :

    yiic webapp E:xampphtdocsdemoyii


  44. It will automatically create MVC for the user as shown below:
  45. 16

  46. Now start your XAMMP server and then go to the url localhost/demoyii
  47. The following web page will be displayed :
  48. 17

  49. Thus with the help of Yii framework we can automatically create the layout of our web app.
  50. Thus we have successfully studied installation of Yii Framework.


  1. There always a problem in every line in may yii protected /config/main.php say on line 6″ bad laguage….” something like that


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