Installing Ruby on Rails


In this tutorial we will learn the steps for installing Ruby on Rails.

  • To install Ruby on Rails follow the steps below :
  1. Open up the web browser
  2. Enter the URL as
  3. The following window will be displayed

  4. Now Click on the link “Windows Ruby 1.9
  5. The Following window will appear

  6. Now Click on the save Button and save it.
  7. Now doubleclick on the downloaded file you will get the installer window.

  8. Click on Run and install it.
  9. Then Click on Next

  10. Accept the license

  11. Select the Desired path

  12. Then Install it

  13. After that click Finish

  14. A window will appear in which you will be asked for registering your name and email_id after you register you will get the following window as shown :

  15. For checking the version , type the following command
    rails –v as shown in the window.

  16. You can see that the folder Sites will be created automatically in your C drive as shown below.

  17. Just open it ,you will find the default project named as “todo

  18. Thus we have successfully installed Ruby On Rails


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