Learn How to Build a Business Website Using Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap

Website’s have become the biggest thing in today’s world. Any time you want to access the internet, a website is required. Websites include web pages loaded with multimedia content and are accessed using a common domain. These websites are published on a web server.

In this article, we are going to build a front-end of the business website, which will be a fully functional responsive blog website using Twitter Bootstrap. You will also learn about how to build a slick theme for businesses, how to implement animation effects, how to use Scrolling set off animation and optimize your website for mobile devices.

Folder and Vendor Setup:
1) We are going to create a new folder and name it business_theme. This is going to have our basic structure. We’ll have our index page, our CSS folder, our JavaScript folder, our Fonts and our images folder. For the images, I’m going to grab them from the completed project.


2) We have around 22 sample images and also the images for the blog, logo, and slides. So, we are going to take all those and put them into our images folder.

3) Then we need to download bootstrap, so go to the http://getbootstrap.com/, click on Getting Started and then select the Basic Template. I’m going to select the Starter Template. Once you select the Template, right click on the template and select the View Page Source option. Once you select this option, you will be able to see the code. Copy and paste the code in your HTML file and do the same for the the css file, pasting it in your bootstrap.css file and your JSfiles and link those files in your html. Once your successfully done with this, click on index.html it will look like this:

Bootstrap Starter Template

4) After you are done with this template, we are going to add the animation file in our theme. For this, go to Google and search for the animate.css file. From the many results select the following one https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/. Click on the drop down list and select rotateOutUpLeft and click on download button and paste it in your CSS folder it will look like this:

Similarly, we are going to add the Font-Awesome file in our CSS folder. For this, we need to go to the following link http://fontawesome.io/ and download the file and paste it in your CSS Folder and remaining file add it in your fonts folder it will look like this:
Font Awesome



5) The last thing we want in our theme is the WOW Slider, so we are going to search for wow.js file on goggle and select the following result https://github.com/matthieua/WOW, after that click on dist folder and you will be able to see wow.js file, download it and paste it in your JS folder and it will look like this:



1) Now, we are going to add the Navbar structure and the animated showcase in our index.html and css file.


After completing this code, you will get the following output:

Clean Business Theme

2) Now, we are going to design our homepage section so our HTML and CSS file will look like this:


Business Theme Inculde

3) Now, we are going to design the inner pages of our template such as the About us, Services and Contact us. I’ve attached the code of the following pages below:

Welcome to Our Company


Contact Get in Touch


Services What Do We Do

3) Now the last thing to do with template is to add animation and make it responsive, so we will add the following code:




I hope this has been helpful for you guys in understanding a how to create frontend business website using Twitter Bootstrap Goodluck!


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