Learn how to Create Transition Drop Down Menu

Create Transition

Create Transition

In this article we are going to create a  Transition Drop Down Menu using Html & CSS.

This article will teach you a few things such as CSS3 transition basics, Positioning, Nested elements in HTML, a tiny bit of JQuery, Pseudo classes like :before and :after as well as you will learn about media queries & responsive CSS.

Steps for creating structure: –
1) Now we are going to create folder called as Transition Drop Down Menu inside that folder we created two folders named as css & img. The css folder will contain the style.css files as well as we will create the index.html outside the folder. I’ve attached the screen-shot below for reference :

create folder

Steps for Implementation: –
1) Now, its time to start designing our project. For this, we are going to design the UI using HTML, so we are going to add the following code in our index.html.

2) Once you are done with html we are going to add css part into our drop down. I’ve attached the code down below:

3) After completing the HTML and CSS, we will make our dropdown responsive, so we will add this code to our HTML.

Now, we are finally done with the code. If you run the code, you will get the following output:



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