Learn to display xml structure in the browser

xml structure

In this session we will study the XML fundamentals in which we will learn to display the xml structure in your browser.

  • So to display the xml structure in your browser follow the steps given below.


    1. Create an new folder on the desktop for example xml :

    1. Inside the xml folder create an new file say index.html


    1. Rightclick and open index.html with Notepad++ , the window look like as shown below :

    1. Now write the code in the index.html file to create an xml structure.
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <to> Vicky</to>
          <heading>Give me Reminder</heading>
          <body>Don't forget me this weekend! Plz</body>
    1. After writting the code your Notepad++ window will look like as shown below:-

    1. So now when you run it on the browser you will have the following output:-

  1. Thus we have learned to display the xml structure in the web browser by implementing simple example.


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