Reasons That Advocates for Angular 8 Importance!!


There are many frameworks that are available out in the market for the developers to work on for web & software development. The framework is something that provides already developed functionalities to the developer to use according to the software requirement and save resources by working on it from scratch. 

Angular is one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks available for front-end development. It can be used for developing web, desktop and even mobile-based applications with maximum efficiency and performance. Angular works with the advanced form of JavaScript called typescript, HTML and CSS for the development process. This framework is developed by Google back in 2009 and the company put huge effort to make it more efficient and reliable for the developers.

Google releases initial versions of Angular in which the developing team tends to decrease the size of the framework as much as possible while keeping the functionalities the same. Angular Universal was the one major feature that was introduced in Angular 4 and as the core Angular Module which makes it easy to import the functions from the library. As seeing the increasing developer’s community, Google decided to increase new updates twice a year for this. Angular releases many of its versions till now and the latest one is Angular 8 with maximum compatibility support, features, and reliability. The reason for the popularity of this framework is enhanced speed, performance, cross-platform compatibility and productivity which urges the developers to use angular.

New Features and Applications of Angular 8 as Compared to Older Versions

The angular team is working to make this framework as much efficient, reliable and advance as it could be. Angular 8 is the latest and most stable version of Angular which is available right now and it is considered as the big performance boost as compared to the previous version, Angular 7. In this version, already provided features get more enhanced along with some additional features.

The reason, why any developer should move to Angular 8 is its features like Differential Loading, the concept of Ivy, improved lazy loading concept and so much more. 

Differential Loading

The big feature which is available in Angular 8 is Differential loading which makes the application to get render much faster. This creates two different bundles of the application and lets the browser send a request for more smaller bundle which will take less time to download and get render quickly than the traditional method used.

Concept Ivy & Bazel support

The concept of Ivy is introduced in this version which is basically a new and much better form of the Angular compiler. It almost totally changes the internal working of the framework without changing anything in the application. The addition of Ivy into Angular makes it easier for the developers to code more efficiently and achieve great performance. It improves the build size and speed of the application bundles and helps the developing team to add lazy loading instead of modules in this upgrade. 

 Bazel is the builder for the Angular to build applications. The major feature of the Bazel is that it will help the better integration of the Frontend and Backend of the applications by building with the same tools. Its aim is to decrease the build time and will be helpful if the application is using various libraries and modules. 

Lazy Loading 

This helps the framework to work on the dynamic syntax for client-side development. Basically, the feature of lazy loading solves the syntax problem for the router configuration. In the previous versions, if the module name was not correct, it did not have any method to stop it from implementing while with the use of lazy loading, it makes the router enable to use the dynamic imports of the modules for the router configuration and let editors find out any possible error in the syntax.

Improved Angular CLI

The Angular team is constantly making improvements in CLI of the framework. The improved CLI enables to use the of web workers more easily in the application regarding CPU intensive operations. There are few new commands are added into it like ng-generate, ng update, ng-build, ng-test and ng-run, etc. which will help to provide an updated version of the worker and also provide the boilerplate to work upon. These new commands can be easily added by using some libraries and tools and ready to use in the application.

This version is most stable version of the Angular framework while providing maximum runtime performance of applications build on this.

Other than all these latest and improved features, Angular 8 also provides many useful tools for various purposes like for building, testing, and documentation, to get the static analysis and to perform server-side rendering of the application. For such purpose, Angular 8 support many tools and libraries like Codelyzer, Augury (for debugging the applications), Angular universal and much more. 

If we take look at the front-end facilities provided in this version, we will find out that UI is one of most focused parts in it. There are dozens of libraries and extensions for each (mobile, Web and software) form of the applications which provide the developer almost every kind of design and layout component of the pages to choose. Some of the most famous UI kits are Vaadin, Truly UI, Nebular, etc. are supported by Angular 8.

Wrapping Up!

In short, Angular 8 is the best framework to learn and to work on as it has the best features like Ivy, dynamic support, advance CLI, easier and simpler to use environment for the developers. As compared to the other options like React, Vue or even the older versions of the Angular is much efficient and reliable like this. The other front-end JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue are good but not good enough like this. They lack properties like Routing, HTTP requests, form validations, and many others. In contrary to this, Angular provides Routing, HTTP requests and so much more. So, Angular 8 should be the most preferable framework if anyone is interested to learn or shift to another framework. This framework also has a great community to work with which is gradually increasing as considering its work performance. 

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