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Eduonix is a leading online learning platform that creates video tutorials and courses related to technology. It believes in teaching and training about cutting-edge technology on the internet, without any limitations.

However, we are not limited to only videos and tutorials, we have a whole section full of informative and educational blogs that can help people learn tips, tricks and even best practices on technologies. We have published around 1,000 different blogs, infographics and tutorials on our website.

So, here is your chance to share your expertise on numerous different topics including web development, software development and marketing.

Types of Content

The content on this website reflects our ideologies. It caters to people’s need for learning, delving deeper in particular subjects related to development and marketing. Keeping this in mind, we usually publish these types of content:

Tutorials: Full-length tutorials explaining a technology or related to design, business, marketing, SEO, etc. However, ensure that the information is accurate and any coding added must be functional and up to date.

How-To: This section includes guides, break downs, and step-by-step instructions about a particular subject or technology. It must short, concise and to the point.

Lists: We love lists as it gives a broad perspective and more information to the reader. However, the lists must be clear of plagiarism and bias.

News: Introduction of a new technology or even a major change in existing technology is extremely important when it comes to development. However, ensure that it is not simply a news story but rather your take on it and what are the possible implications of the technology within the industry.

Personal Stories: Have you created something new, something different? Definitely share with our readers. We would love to see how technology changes you and how you change it.

What Do We Write About?

These are current categories that we are accepting articles and blogs for:

Web Development Mobile Development System Programming
Marketing Web Designing Cloud Computing
Business WordPress Technology Infograph

Even if your content does not fit in the above categories, you can definitely suggest a new category for us to add. Submit your article samples to us and we will definitely consider it, especially if your article provides an educational value.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Be Original. Please don’t just rewrite other articles on the internet. Add something interesting to the blog you submit.
  • Add your Personality. Don’t write something that you are not proud of, add a little of your own personality to the writing. We want to see your expertise and knowledge shine through.
  • Ensure that the length of the articles you submit range somewhere between 500 to 2,000 words.
  • Use original images or attribute images that are not your own. Image width should be 800px, wherever possible.
  • Add resources to your article wherever possible and support your arguments with studies and research.
    Please do not add information that is not accurate or make up statistics that suit your needs.


  • Plagiarize. Please do not simply submit work that has already been on the internet or even a rewrite of someone else’s work.
  • Give articles that add no value or meaning to your readers. Each article you write should have a specific purpose.
  • Submit articles with bad grammar or sentence structure. Understanding technology is difficult enough without them having to wade through bad sentence structures or grammar. Please proof-read your articles before submission or have someone who has impeccable grammar edit your articles.
  • Use images without copyright or attribution. We do not appreciate plagiarism threats or cases, so ensure that you always attribute work that is not yours.

Submitting Your Post

In order for you to become a regular writer, you will first have to pitch us a post and show us your writing skills and knowledge. So, what should you submit?

  • Briefly introduce yourself and the type of content you are comfortable with writing. What are your strengths in terms of technology and in what segments would you excel.
  • Provide us with your writing portfolio and/or samples of previous writing, which can also include other guest posts.
  • What do you plan on writing about? Do you have any specific ideas rattling around in your brain?

If you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above, please submit the form below. We hope to talk to you soon!