Benefits of Using AI in Mobile App Technology

Using AI

Artificial Intelligence has become an intriguing topic that is on the minds of today’s innovators who are deeply involved in the domain of technology. The reason behind this is the word ‘intelligence’. Developed to perform intelligent tasks with a problem solving instinct, AI works as to reduce human effort, taking on bigger and smarter tasks. In recent years, AI has now come a long way from being a passive element of virtual assistance to a much more capable and proactive system.

Besides enhancing productivity in other industries, mobile app development is another field where AI casts its spell. Majority of the efforts invested in the mobile app development process are focused on improving user experience. With this idea central to mobile app technology, UI elements of any mobile app must be intuitive, interactive and immersive. Artificial Intelligence fulfils this purpose, all so intelligently.

With so much potential to make a difference, AI’s role in mobile app technology requires great attention. So here are all the benefits of AI in mobile app technology:

Why Artificial intelligence and not human intelligence?
First of all, minimizing human efforts and automating the task management is not the first-time revolution. It comes as no surprise that computer system was invented to computerize multitude of existing industrial systems to organize and process the information through a comprehensive program structure.

The technology of AI offers rapid intelligence by processing real-time information in relation with habitual human actions and behaviour. The result of AI is the solution that is as good, and as credible, as human intelligence.

The adaptive intelligent capabilities of AI technology consist of:
a) Machine learning
b) Natural Language processing
c) Machine vision &
d) Knowledge-context management

Due to these capabilities, the person using AI assistance will be exempted from typing commands to the AI computer. The intellectual system adapts itself to deliver the accurate results without needing any repeated programming.

Organized system for developers and users
As developers get busy developing millions of apps, users will find it difficult to keep searching for apps that they find suitable for their needs. To better assist the users in selecting the right app, developers and device manufacturers can leverage intellectual power of the AI system. AI has successfully entered the navigation and search process where it provides superior voice based assistance. For developers, it becomes easy to perform the daily jobs using their agile methodology as Artificial Intelligence adds speed and efficiency while planning the different segments of development.

AI Voice Interface for IoT
AI can be more to you than you can imagine with IoT connected devices. Although IoT itself is a wonderful idea, it is practically cumbersome to think of individual interfaces for a whole bunch of mobile phones, smart watches, security systems and home appliances. This is where the integration of AI voice interface comes to help. Using common voice interface for all IoT devices, it becomes far easier to connect, command and control each of them.

Mobile AI entices Retail Consumers
For retail market, AI technology is creating new frontiers redefining the potential of mobile apps enabled with artificial intelligence. Major retailers are integrating AI algorithms into their brands to serve and retain more customers.

Business apps will harvest the wealth of consumer information from POS, online traffic, mobile devices, etc. The algorithms within these apps will process and adjust its data to learn about trends and encourage the apps to create more contextual marketing messages and notifications. Such rich, meaningful engagement technique will connect more users to the brand.

Intelligent Interactions & Competitive Business
Due to the introduction of machine learning in AI system, businesses are ready to transform their radical methods of engaging customers. With AI’s personalized intelligence, businesses, developers and customers can come together to ponder intelligent interactions within mobile apps. AI will read the users’ trends and choices, and process its gathered information to deliver precise solutions.

Since customers get the assistance in just the way they desire, companies feel the need to integrate AI in their customer service strategy. Entrepreneurs who neglect the power of AI are likely to be left behind in the market. On the contrary, companies who adopt the AI trend will grow competitive and more productive in future.

AI Apps Retain Customers
Mobile apps enabled with Artificial Intelligence means providing personalized, seamless and intuitive customer experience. The main principle of AI for such mobile apps is to collect data from previous interactive sessions. This results in precise understanding of their behaviour which the AI machine uses to connect customers to a brand.

Apps with no innovative features are quickly abandoned by the users. This tendency can be altered by AI technology. Mobile apps using AI algorithms retain maximum customers by giving them spontaneous user experience.

Predictive Intelligence Means Higher Revenue
It is not the first time that customers receive several types of notification related to products, offers and various discounts periodically. Predictive AI algorithms observe customer’s history to determine their purchase tendencies and suggest custom options. Thus, predictive pattern-reading AI helps inspires more shopping and keeps businesses making more revenue.

AI Technology Generates Loyalty
Just like predictive intelligence, AI also empowers pattern detecting abilities. Such intelligence can be integrated in many Finance Apps, where users constantly rely on their credit or debit cards for frequent banking and ecommerce transactions.

Understanding the patters of card usage from previous transactions, these intelligent apps inform users about any instances of unusual or suspicious payment attempt. This very assistance keeps customers using these apps and increases their loyalty for service providers.

AI Apps with Analytical Abilities
With the rise of advanced innovations and increasing customer demands, hopes are soaring high in the area of AI apps. AI app developers are enabling organizations to explore power to do more. Mobile apps with AI integrative capabilities can enhance office productivity inside the premise with minimum employee-to-employee collaboration.

AI apps can scour the market for fetching valuable data on competitors, their products, service trends, real-time industry practices, etc. Beyond this, AI can also be asked to prepare comparison charts based on previous reports and latest market scenario.

Final remarks
Recently, the tech giant Amazon has launched the Alexa AI app software that personalizes user experience in unimaginable ways. Ford has collaborated with Amazon to use Alexa in their cars to help people check weather conditions, play audiobooks and favourite music, create personal lists or control Alexa-enabled devices. Google has also invested an enormous $400 million to acquire DeepMind for AI app development. Currently, famous companies like IBM, Apple and Microsoft are already developing AI interactive software.

These big examples suggest how artificial intelligence can be integrated in mobile apps for higher customer engagement, retention and business growth. In the future, we are most likely to see more AI apps transforming the interactions between customers and brands.


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