Artificial IntelligenceTop 9 Best AI Apps for iOS & Android (2018)

Top 9 Best AI Apps for iOS & Android (2018)

The fascinating world of AI has already offered a host of captivating and useful functionalities to the users of Android and iPhones in the form of apps. Notwithstanding the fact these apps have already gained ground, the stage is already set for smartphone users to make the most of these apps in the coming year as well. Although AI is still in its nascent stage of development, the fact that this novel technology promises enhanced functionalities with every passing year paves the way for Android and iPhone apps that users can look forward to in 2018.

  • Become a Professional Photographer with the Microsoft Pix App
    Your dream to click natural pictures without any additional efforts can become a reality with the Microsoft Pix app; compatible with iPhone and iPad. Not requiring the expertise of a professional photographer, you only need to download the app for the magic to happen. Tagged as an intelligent camera application, Microsoft Pix app which employs AI technology can tweak images just the way an expert cameraman performs his ordained duty of clicking beautiful pictures.

    This app takes care of tweaking your settings in between shots so that you click stunning pics of the subject in focus. Microsoft Pix with its tagline: “Point. Shoot. Perfect” is apt since the app performs all the “behind the scenes” to deliver you awesome clicks.

  • Organize Your Gallery With The Roll App
    Tagged as an iOS app, Roll App, as the name reads allows iPhone users to automatically sort, tag and identify their best photographs that are stored on their mobiles. You might be wondering how this is possible. This novel application which is poised to strengthen its presence in 2018 uses the image recognition functionality of AI.
  • WhatsApp Image Cleaner – An Incredible AI-Powered App
    So true to its name, WhatsApp Image Cleaner which is listed on the Google Play Store is the best way to ward off irritating forward messages in the form of quotes and images. All for the sake of clearing your precious Android memory space, you can use this AI-powered app that automatically deletes all your junk images; in a jiffy. You really don’t need to worry about WhatsApp media files draining your device’s memory space.
  • Typing On An Android Phone is A Breeze With The SwiftKey AI App
    Android phone users can download the SwiftKey AutoCorrect Keyboard App to experience the luxury of its autocorrect feature. You simply need to download this app from the Google Play Store and navigate to the SwiftKey Console and you are all covered. A product of Microsoft, SwiftKey, as the name says brings AI functionalities to your mobile keyboard. Employing neural network technology, the app predicts what you are about to key in and corrects what you have already typed.
  • Hound – A Multi-Faceted AI-App For Your Android Smartphone
    All the Android phone users can now search for helpful information simply by using their natural voice.


    Indeed, you will be!

    You just need to say aloud a search query like: “OK Hound…. What are the best pizza eateries near me?” And zip comes a response from your smartphone.

    Other attractive features of this AI-powered app include:

    • Valuable information will be provided to you in a jiffy. Just say: “OK Hound… What are the restaurants serving Continental food that are within the radius of 10 miles?
    • Directs you to your destination without any hassles. Simply say: “OK Hound… Show me all the pet-friendly hotels in Phoenix that have a children’s pool”.
    • A frequent Uber traveler can use Hound to book their journey, and get estimates of fare and travel time. You can additionally make phone calls alongside sending text messages through its hands-free personal assistant functionality.

    The list of features that Hound has in store for you does not end here.

  • Hound simplifies your life in more ways than one by allowing you to conduct various types of searches and data retrieval operations including image search, news search, music and video search. You can also check out the ever-fluctuating stock prices, along with setting an alarm or timer by saying aloud what you want.

  • ELSA The Best AI Pronunciation Tutor
    ELSA is the acronym for English Language Speech Assistant and is true to its name. This is an intelligent mobile app to help both iOS and Android phone users improve their English speaking skills; the smart and easy way. Providing you with a series of practice exercises and coaching material, you can fine-tune your speaking skills in accordance with your native language. Leave it to the app to help you pronounce a particular word correctly by simply inserting the word.
  • Google Allo – Another Innovative AI App for Both iOS and Android Users
    There will be days when you feel completely drained but still wish get some work done. In such a scenario, the Google Allo AI app can help. Users of iPhone and Android phones can download this personal assistant app to perform a variety of tasks like scheduling their calendars, setting up reminders and locating videos. All thanks to this AI-powered app, you can access all the information you want without even having to do the heavy lifting.
  • RobinThe Proven “On the Go” AI App
    iPhone and Android users can now access invaluable information at their fingertips; without any extra effort. Tagged as another AI-powered personal assistant, Robin permits you to key in words through your voice while helping you with topographical information. This app can be used for navigation without having to take your eyes off the road traffic. Weather forecasts and parking availability in crowded areas are the other benefits that Robin promises, without you having to look at your mobile screen.
  • Recent News – An App That Keeps You Informed.
    Compatible with both Android and iPhones, Recent News is an AI-powered app that gets to know your topics of interest and suggests matching articles for you to enjoy and read. You don’t need to do anything. Tagged as a super-cool app that can improve your reading habits, Recent News intelligently matches your past feeds with the current ones and displays the matching articles; much to your surprise and pleasure.

Conclusion: –
You can download the above mentioned AI-powered apps and tread the path of working smart without sweating it out. Simply rely on these apps that have the power to smooth out all the rough edges of your life while staying abreast with the latest trends in technology that have become the talk of the town in recent times.


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