3 Types Of Payment Gateway Integration In SAP Hybris

3 Types Of Payment Gateway Integration In Sap Hybris

SAP Hybris is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows you to create a convenient online store with a clear interface. SAP Commerce Cloud easily supports omnichannel. This means that companies have the ability to make sales through various channels and solutions. Integration of a payment gateway into commercial websites is applicable for accepting payment for services or goods offered by online stores. This ensures that the online business owner is completely free from the issues of processing customer payments. In this article, we will explain which three types of payment gateway integration in SAP Hybris exist and what is the role of the SAP software engineer for this platform.

3 Main Types of Payment Gateway Integration in SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris works with B2B and B2C segments. Moreover, there are some segments where there are not many systems that can offer specific solutions. For example, the public sector, government organizations. Even for these spheres, SAP consultants can offer scenarios that will allow it to quickly enter the market for public procurement or local tourism operations. Also, an SAP developer cost in the USA is $102,964 and $64,317 is SAP developers salary in Canada respectively.

There should be a payment gateway integrated on your site for selling services or products to facilitate the process of simplifying the transfer of payment between customers and the business. Make sure the payment gateway you are using accepts similar languages ​​as the rest of the web pages so they can get along well. Finally, you should also establish what cost is associated with the payment gateway service integration process.

There are three types of payment gateway integrating into SAP Hybris:

#1. Direct Integration

This method, when paying, takes the customer to the checkout page within the site. Then it sends data to PSP using API. In this case, the seller is responsible for the security of the client’s confidential data. It is preferable to use this integration for complete control over transactions and management of your payment page. It is worth noting that security plays an important role in direct integration, and it depends on the seller how technologically secure the environment will be.


  • Full control over transactions


  • It is impossible to influence the implementation of the lowered level of client authorization

#2. Hosted Order Page

With this method, to enter the card details the buyer goes to the payment page of the third-party PSP. It is worth noting that HOP is considered the safest because PSP is always PCI DSS certified – the data security standard of the payment card industry. There are also two types of redirection: to another page or in a pop-up window. Full redirection is recommended for security reasons.


  • High level of security


  • Provider dependency

3. Silent Order Page.

This method is also considered extended direct integration. SOP offers to fill out an order form right on the website, but the system does not send confidential data via the API but sends it directly to the payment gateway. It is worth noting that during this period of time, a window for outside interference appears since confidential data processed by the system is opened for verification by a third party.


  • Direct data sending


  • Insecurity when sending data via API

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Comparison of 3 Types of Payment Gateway Integration

Forrester has recognized the SAP Hybris platform as a leader in the segment of commercial platforms for 2018 Q3. And it is a leader for both the B2C and the corporate segment B2B. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth choosing depending on the requirements and features of your project.

With direct integration, the code is not open to third parties, so this option is considered the least transparent. This option is suitable for big brands. This type should be preferred if you need full control over a transaction and want to manage your own payment page and collect and process payment details. Also, this method helps to increase conversion, and the card can be linked to the account for faster payment.

With the HOP method, the merchant can easily process payments or store customer data by including the token in API requests. The client will be able to immediately select a card from the list of their saved cards, rather than enter the full card details. And the last method is SOP.

Instead of dealing with API calls, the system submits the form directly to the payment gateway. In this case, the part of the system responsible for the processing of confidential data is open for inspection by third parties, because the HTML code and JavaScript code are open.

The Role of SAP Programmers in All This Process

Hybris has a multi-layered system with limited customization. This requires an understanding of the Model, Service, and Jalo levels. SAP engineer works with the technology stack used in most Java projects but gains additional knowledge that gives it importance in a team. The SAP developer is somewhere in the middle between the programmer and the analyst. In addition to the ability to write code, he must speak the same language as business representatives. The SAP software developers are experienced in creating, integrating, and configuring PCI DSS payment gateway systems targeting ISO, MSP, and PSP.


Online payments are becoming more and more popular today. Even seniors use online banking to pay for services online. When embodying any commercial project, sooner or later a question of the Hybris payment module will arise.

SAP Hybris is used in the automotive, banking, finance industries, consumer products, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, public sector, and many other industries. With the SAP Hybris Payment Module, it is possible to create PSP adapters for integrating external payment systems into the Hybris platform. It allows a client to connect to any payment method and use all its capabilities and features.

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