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5 Crucial Tips for First-Time Managers Who Need to Keep Their Team Motivated

As a first-time manager, your performance can significantly impact your career growth. Therefore, you should make deliberate efforts to transform the first company you lead. 

Employee motivation is the first place to focus on in your bid to increase a business’s output and boost your career growth. Luckily, you can keep your team motivated in several ways, and below are some of them. 

Effective Communication

Open communication is an effective way of boosting your employees’ morale. Traditionally, the manager was the “boss,” and everything they said was law. Times have since changed and so have employee expectations. 

The most successful managers leverage the power of open communication to keep employees motivated and ultimately increase productivity.

While it is your responsibility to make important decisions, you may be surprised at how much quality input you can get from your employees if you listen. 

When employees are allowed to have their say, they feel that their input is appreciated, which can help build loyalty and keep them motivated.

Appreciate Excellence

Appreciating exemplary performance is among the most effective ways of communicating your appreciation to your employees. When rewarding performance, you need to start by setting achievable goals. 

If an employee meets and exceeds goals, it is important to recognize them. You do not have to offer anything material. You could congratulate them in the presence of their colleagues or even privately. 

Employees who feel their efforts are appreciated will be more inclined to give their best. You could choose to go a step further and honor them with a tangible token such as custom engraved crystal awards which they could keep for a lifetime.

Offer Training 

As your business grows, you will need people to fill various positions based on specialization. While you could hire externally, it may not be the best option and can be a demoralizer to existing employees. 

The best approach is to train your current employees and have them occupy those positions. Every person wishes to advance in their career, and offering your employees training communicates that you care about their careers, which can be a great motivator. 

Besides the motivation, it allows you to have someone who understands your company’s ins and outs in a leadership position, significantly reducing onboarding time. Even when the training doesn’t come with a promotion, it will be an added skill to their CV, which is important for their career. 

Organize Team-Building Activities

Team spirit can significantly improve the productivity of your team. It is not uncommon to see team rivalries in the workplace. Unfortunately, rivalry in a business is the recipe for failure. If you notice tension in your teams, the first step should be to step in and iron out the differences without apportioning blame. 

Also, you may want to hold regular team-building activities, which have been shown to promote a feeling of oneness.

There are countless fun team-building activities you could opt for, some that are free while another would cost you. Sometimes all your teams need to get back to working like a well-oiled machine is depressurizing with some fun.

Fair Enumeration

Good pay is not the only motivation there is. However, it plays a huge role in motivating workers. So it is important to pay your workers according to what their skills are worth. 

According to a recent study, 70 percent of millennials admitted that pay is the most critical factor when deciding to stay or leave an employer. With such a high number of people looking at pay as a motivating factor, you want to ensure you do not go below the industry standard. 

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