CryptocurrencyTop 5 Best Crypto News Stories of 2021 

Top 5 Best Crypto News Stories of 2021 

As the Cryptocurrency market went on a higher note, we saw something exciting coming in this domain. 2021 had too many stories to tell about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The last Jan 2021 witnessed a market cap of around 1 Trillion USD in the market, and we now see it going on a higher note doubling with 2 Trillion USD within a few months. Then came the 3 Trillion USD mark on November 21. Thus we have many more exciting stories to tell about digital coins this year. How about exploring the top five ones in this article. Meanwhile, for detailed stories, you can explore the blockchain in the gaming industry: 

1). El Salvador with BTC makes History  

Whenever we speak of 2021, El Salvador will come to the top. It is among the first nations to make Bitcoin its legal tender in the market. The country has brought BTC to the same status as USD. It was a roller coaster ride for the country as we saw too many technical issues amid the protests coming on a red-letter day. So far, it has been a few months, and the country is witnessing a good chance. It is fascinating to see how things are doing well in recent times, and it will continue till 2022 as well. Now, all eyes are on El Salvador to see how things move, and many more would join the same bandwagon.  

2). Tesla Adopts Bitcoin  

The next big story that remains worthy of discussing here is Tesla adopting Bitcoin by investing a whopping 1.5 Billion USD in the said coin. The company gained a huge profit margin by holding Bitcoin other than selling vehicles in 2020. However, the company seems to have gone ahead with BTC to the bank when it is announced, and one can stop accepting the coins as a digital payment option. Also, one can find too many concerns regarding the impact on the environment. So, with all said and done, Tesla seemed to have gained immensely with the Bitcoin investment coming in the entire year. Now, we have seen opening up the door to accept BTC the moment the miners are seen proving with 50 per cent of the energy that comes under the renewable sources.  

3). The Surge of Dogecoin  

The cryptocurrency was seen surrounding the mania only when Dogecoin came into the market. It came in 2013, though, but its popularity came in 2021 when Elon Musk was seen mocking the coin. However, Doge barely got any help from Musk except the little ones that led the surge in quick time. It went on to grow 15.4 per cent. The coin is now known as the meme coin, and it is now among the top popular digital coins in the market. However, it was unfortunate to see the coin crashing down, thus coming as a speculative asset in the market.  

4). Celebrities backing Cryptocurrency  

2021 came as a blockbuster year for digital coins as the currency got good support from the celebs. The company dealing with NFT came from Mila Kunis, and it is there to have fun with an exclusive TV show option that carried the EETH co-founder in it. The next one to endorse is Mariah Carey that came as an exchange. Tom Brady was seen giving the entire Bitcoin to any fan, while several NFL based stars were getting their salaries in Bitcoin only. The next was Tom Brady, who also came as a big fan of Bitcoin, and Snoop Dogg supported the same. The Twitter co-owner also supported and later resigned to plunge into this domain. 

5). Payment giants getting attracted towards cryptocurrency 

In a sign that helps in digital currencies that are seen coming along with the most prominent payment option companies that are seen coming along with the help of digital assets, including the top payment platforms. These include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and many more companies, including JP Morgan, who joined the digital coin bandwagon. The companies accept the payment using Bitcoin and several other coins, including ETH and other virtual coins. These platforms play an essential role in fixing things the best. 

Wrapping up  

There are many more important news stories about Bitcoin and other digital currencies in 2021. However, as discussed above, we have only enlisted the top five. So, what do you think about the same? Let us know by commenting below? 


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