CryptocurrencyWant to know everything about bitcoin? – basic facts about bitcoin discussed! 

Want to know everything about bitcoin? – basic facts about bitcoin discussed! 

From the moment El Salvador has stated that it will accept bitcoin in the form of legal tender, the people who are against bitcoin have shot right into their arms. Of course, there is always some bitcoin news, and we all listen to those headlines. But, do you know why people take so much interest in bitcoin? What are bitcoin and its concept which people talk about? How can you earn bitcoin or invest your money in this crypto? If you want to know the response to these queries, you are on the right platform.  

What is bitcoin? 

It is the virtual currency or digital currency that doesn’t have a physical shape or structure in reality. The fiat currency has the back of the government, but bitcoin has the central authority having control over this crypto. Bitcoin follows the decentralized approach on the internet, which means that it is free from government control, and no one has control over this crypto. It uses blockchain technology, a public ledger, and records all Bitcoin transactions digitally. Every block consists of the information, and it is connected to the blockchain, which then forms a blockchain chain. One of the reasons bitcoin is known as cryptocurrency is because it uses cryptography functions, including public-private keys. It secures the digital currency from the intervention of a third party. There is no government or any individual who can trade the transaction of bitcoin, which means it remains anonymous all the time. The anonymity of bitcoin is probably one of the reasons for the increased level of admiration of this crypto. You can own bitcoin by accessing the traditional trading versus modern crypto trading. 

Know about the positives and negatives of bitcoin! 

Bitcoin is volatile, which means that the price of this cryptocurrency falls and rises immediately. If we take the example of this year, the value of the cryptocurrency market on 16 May 2021 was 2.2 trillion dollars, but on 23 May, it decreased, and it came to 1 trillion dollars. The rise in the issues of hacks and human errors is also leading to a significant amount of loss; you should know that in the last year, the hackers of this crypto stole more than 200 million dollars from the well-known cryptocurrency exchange.

Even if any user forgets the private password, it can be disastrous because they cannot access their coins without this key. There is no central authority regulating bitcoin, so password recovery is impossible. One of the essential worries of bitcoin is the illegal use of this crypto. According to research, there has been an increase in the use of bitcoin by terrorist organizations because of high-level anonymity, and there is no government control. Another major problem with bitcoin is its mining. Yes, you have heard me right. Bitcoin mining consumes a considerable lot of power which can be very dangerous for the environment.  

But the thing is that this digital currency also comprises a lot of advantages for the users. The foremost advantage is its user autonomy. We all know that there is no intermediary involved in the bitcoin transaction, so the users also do not have to pay for the banking fees. The elimination of the banking system results in the user’s anonymity because no regulatory authority has control over this cryptocurrency. Any person can easily send and receive digital currency at any time and from any place with the help of a smartphone that has internet connectivity.  Moreover, the bitcoin exchange also provides higher security features to its users, which you can also see in the form of insurance.  

How can you earn bitcoin? 

There are quite a few ways to earn bitcoin instead of mining them quickly. The first and the easiest one from which you can earn bitcoin is through the bitcoin exchanges. Some high-end reputed bitcoin exchanges allow people to buy bitcoin and sell them whenever they want. You will need to create an account and start investing in bitcoin. You can also earn bitcoin by lending them and getting interested in return. Bitcoin trading is also a great way of earning good bitcoin without putting in much effort. 

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