Internet of ThingsWhy is IoT Called the Next Big Thing in Technology?

Why is IoT Called the Next Big Thing in Technology?

Quoted as the next big technological revolution, the Internet of Things (IoT) is bound to bring about a major shift in the way we work, live and entertain ourselves. Research states that the number of IoT connected devices will reach 6.4 billion across the globe in 2017. And by the time we step into 2020, you will be surprised to note that a whopping 60 billion IoT connected devices will vouch for its popularity. Tagged as a novel technology that has the potential to transform every sphere of human life, here are all the ways IoT has become the talk of the town.

1. Supports Workflow Automation And Makes It A Dream Come True
IoT, through mobile and web applications, can present ample opportunities for businesses. Allowing them to tread the path of workflow automation and optimization, IoT apps can offer a plethora of possibilities to minimize human efforts. With IoT, human intervention concerning both technical and manual operations can be cut down by a large extent.

2. Healthcare is Poised To Get the Much-Needed Push
Global healthcare business is in for a great push coming from IoT. Through IoT applications, it becomes a breeze to monitor and treat patients while also maintaining patient records. IoT can offer its assistance in the form of health sensors, applications and wearables. These are the technological innovations that strengthen the concept of enjoying the benefits of health and hygiene; at all times. You don’t have to rush to the nearby clinic to get your blood pressure levels or blood glucose levels tested. You can effortlessly monitor your health through IoT-enabled devices; all from the comfort of your living room.

Doctors can make the most of IoT devices that will help them to analyze patient information. These devices handhold medical professionals to come up with well-informed assumptions about the health of a patient. This paves the way for a quick diagnosis and treatment procedures; all in a jiffy. When speaking about the treatment for rare complications, it is through IoT-enabled that doctors can rely on the inferences provided by such sophisticated equipment. Now is the age when doctors can make the most of the web and mobile solutions to assist them to make automated decisions in the best interest of their patients.

3. The Age of Smart Business Decisions
Entrepreneurs who can lay hands on real-time data are another section of the society that will gain from IoT. Transforming the pattern in which businessmen take and implement commercial decisions, they can save resources like time and money through IoT. Undoubtedly, money saved is money earned.

Manufacturing companies like Rolls Royce can vouch for this smart decision through the use of IoT sensors which were programmed to detect and diagnose malfunctions in aircrafts. “A stitch in time saves nine”. In line with this common adage, Rolls Royce is poised to churn out error-free flying machines to the world at large. IoT devices help nip off the malfunctions in the bud itself and saves the company from colossal losses that can be incurred due to a defect that was overlooked while building the aircraft.

4. Traditional v/s Modern Business Models – A Paradigm Shift
Gone are the days when conventional businesses strive to offer better value to customers through competitive pricing strategies. That was a time when businesses aimed to improve their bottom line through the introduction of novel products. However, there is a paradigm shift in how businesses are managed in modern times.

Now, customer engagement is the new buzzword that is doing the rounds in marketing circles. IoT helps businesses achieve their mission statement by helping them offer value-added services and apps that can make a “first-time” customer turn into a brand loyal. Technology-enabled smart devices are now gaining ground. These devices come handy for recording and tracking customer behavior. With an intent to closely watch and monitor the changes in the purchasing behavior of customers, businesses are employing IoT devices to better connect and engage with their customer base.

5. Manufacturing Outlets Are At the Receiving End of IoT Benefits
If you own and manage a manufacturing concern which relies on the effective management of inventory, warehouses and storage, you are now in a favorable position. You can rely on the smart devices offered by IoT that will do all that you desire. These IoT devices give you a piece-to-piece account of your stock. You don’t need to hire a warehouse manager to perform this arduous task. You can simply transform your warehouse into a smart warehouse through IoT devices.

You will tread the path of improved efficiency and productivity when you will be able to churn out fool-proof products. IoT devices will permit you to go ahead with the just-in-time detection of malfunctioned equipment that can mar the entire assembly of parts and components.

6. Makes Room for Innovation
Modern businesses are mainly concerned about the introduction of smart devices that will further simplify the lives of customers. You name a requirement and you have a befitting app that can address your need; within minutes. It is through IoT that the society at large will benefit from technological innovations. IoT devices which are ordained to collect data are tagged to analytics. When this linking happens, businesses will walk the path of an improved customer experience through automated products and services. This development, in turn, will excite customers in more ways than one, permitting them to choose your offerings over others.

7. Multi-Dimensional Applications
IoT sensors are now making headway in the sphere of pressure, temperature and light. These sensors which are interconnected with each other take the form of a network that can be used to build and control lighting and heating systems for consumers to use.

IoT devices will help you step into an automated world when your AC will be automatically turned on once your bedroom becomes warmer than your living room; without your intervention. IoT devices which are connected to your smartphone can be used to perform certain functions like turning on the lights or the heater which is already set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Sensors in the device will be triggered once your phone is within a certain range, prompting other devices to work in unison. This spares you the effort to even lift your index finger to turn on a switch or rotate the knob of a fan regulator.

8. IoT Helps Save Lives
There is an extensive use of IoT devices that are employed in the field of traffic management and the predictions that are linked to weather changes. Apps that can track vehicular traffic come with built-in IoT sensors. It is through these sensors that drivers can avoid congested roads after being informed about a particular route that is closed due to maintenance work. In this manner, traffic monitoring and optimization come in as best practices that can save the lives of people at the wheel or on the road.

9. Retail Businesses Can Boost Sales
Tagged as the most promising sector of IoT, retail businesses can make the most of the innovative technology practices named as Beacons. Beacons are multi-purpose, compact IoT tools that can be connected to your smartphones through Bluetooth. Using these beacons, you can perform a host of customer-centric activities which are in line with your retail business.

Beacons bless you with a world of customer information which will be at your fingertips. By analyzing this information, you can engage in customer-centric sales promotions and loyalty programs. You can boost your sales through the extensive customer data that IoT devices provide.

10. Independent of Scale – IoT is a Perfect Solution to Big and Small Enterprises
You must be of the opinion that only big companies are poised to make the most of IoT devices. However, the good news is that IoT can be used by anyone and everyone. If you set aside a budget that will be pumped into the development of IoT devices, you as a small and growing enterprise can register a better return on investment which will manifest in the form of money savings.

Closing Thoughts: –
As human beings, we possess an innate tendency to perform and manage all the daily chores from the comfort of our surroundings; with minimum effort. Imagine that you enter into the kitchen and your coffee machine turns on automatically, allowing you to make yourself a cup of hot coffee. Isn’t it a luxury you would love to enjoy? Indeed, it is! All thanks to IoT that all such devices which surround us become a network of IP addresses when connected to the internet and better our lives. Eventually, these IoT devices help mankind experience the future of technological innovations aimed at simplifying human life in a number of creative ways.


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