MarketingBoost Website Conversion Using Influencer and Referral Marketing

Boost Website Conversion Using Influencer and Referral Marketing

How to Boost Website Conversion Using Influencer and Referral Marketing

With more and more online shopping interfaces emerging by the day, Influencer marketing has transformed into the most patronized marketing channel. Tagged effectively so that you can influence the purchasing power and decisions of your online customers.It is through influencer and referral marketing that you can boost your brand presence. By appending recommendations of buyers, you can attract the attention of first-time shoppers and transform them into brand loyalists. If you are an intelligent marketer willing to succeed in your business by increasing revenue, reducing costs and aiming at a larger market share, here are the numerous ways by which you can rely on referral and influencer marketing as promising tools.

1. Choice of Influencers Governs the Success of Your Marketing Strategy

Picking the right influencers is paramount. Only when you have an influencer marketing strategy you will be in a position to attract the attention of your target audience. And to arrive at this position, you need to select brand influencers who can create a huge impact on your marketing campaign. Hence it is important to work in tandem with an influencer who is attached to your business. When you choose to work with an influencer interested in your offerings, he will drive other customers to shop for your products.

2. Find Influencers By Researching With Different Tools

You can check out and BuzzSumo, both are the promising sites where influencers post their valuable comments about various products. With the help of this tool, you can find influencers who can establish your profile. You can alternatively conduct a keyword or hashtag search on social platforms to come up with top posts and accounts that are creating waves in the online business.

With these two tools, you can lay hands on pertinent information concerning their location, average number of comments, retweets and the number of followers. You need to delve deep into the relevance of your influencers. It is hence much-needed to pick an influencer who has a strong voice in your niche and who posts content that is relevant to your brand. An engaging influencer does a lot of good in establishing a strong brand image.

All in an attempt to boost conversions through an influencer, you should ensure that the influencer can engage with your target audience. The collective average number of shares, likes and comments divided by the number of followers is a measure of the influencer’s engagement rate that will help you make the right choice.

3. Build a Rapport With Your Influencers

For your brand to succeed, you should demonstrate a high level of respect and frankness when dealing with your influencers. In order to build a strong relationship with your referrals, it is important that you offer them a fair deal with a good compensation, with a room for negotiations. You should also allow your referrals freedom to come up with original online content. Give them the basic guidelines about your content requirements and allow them to deliver content that can best endorse your product.

4. Include Product Recommendations and Service Reviews

For the simple fact that referrals are considered experts in their niches, you can include product reviews from them after sending them samples of your products. You can alternatively allow them free access to your products. Letting the influencer know that you seek his/her honest review of the product is significant to the success of your marketing campaign. Authentic reviews attract the attention of your target audience when supported by detailed product descriptions and unbiased opinions.

5. The Promise of Giveaway Contests

Online sweepstakes and give away contests are other ways in which you can boost conversions. You can rope your influencers to promote such contests to target customers who are willing to take part in the contests which provide them with a chance to take home goodies. Alternatively, the users can ask their followers to tag their friends about the contest in the comments section. Both these moves will enhance your brand visibility, thereby boosting your conversions.

6. Attract Users With Discount Codes and Custom URLs

An intelligent marketer will also offer discounts on pricey products so as to drive conversions. Tapping on the consumer behavior to strike a good deal, you as a marketer can attract the attention of customers to try your product which is tagged with a discount. When every influencer is designated with a unique discount code, it can become a metrics to track how they are performing through conversions.

Alternatively, you can come up with a customized and free URL access for a limited period offer to excite your customers. Once every influencer is assigned a custom URL, you can strategize and track their deliveries, demonstrated in the form of lucrative online engagements.

7. Delve Into Factors Governing Consumer Loyalty

In order to get referrals, you as a marketer should work hard to look into the factors governing customer loyalty. Why do your customers leave your brand and tag on to your competitor brands? You need to have a concrete answer to this question so as to build brand loyalists.

Despite the fact that your customers are satisfied with your offerings, it does not prevent them from patronizing other brands and services. It is here that you need to observe their purchasing behavior so as to make them your loyal clientele. And to arrive at this juncture, you need to strive towards the improvement of the features offered by your services. Only then will your referral program bear fruit and bestow you with profitable conversions. Better pricing, better service agreement, a wider choice of products, improved features and high-quality product offerings will transform your customers to become your regular patrons.

8. Extract The Profitability of Referrals

You as a marketer should appreciate the fact that referred customers rank high both on profitability and loyalty when compared to normal customers. Referral Marketing is a promising tool to target your audience, permitting them to purchase your products and services by relying on the recommendations of other buyers. It is only when your website is loaded with referrals that you will be able to compel first-time visitors to convert into loyal customers. You can fine-tune your marketing approach based on the type of business you are in.

You might be running an online retail store which offers various products for any-time use. Or, you might specialize in offerings that are time-bound and are required only at certain times, like the professional services of a doctor or lawyer. Either way, you can check out the tools like direct messaging or discounts supported by regular follow-ups.

Once these mechanisms are in place, you will be able to get your first-time visitors to refer your products to their acquaintances. Only when your website features enough referrals will you be able to cash on them by influencing them to convert. Along with this, your brand loyalists will also become instruments to refer your offerings to others.

9. The Viable Concept of Reciprocity

It is but natural for customers to get attracted to your products provided you gift them with goodies. Offering something for free to customers will be a stepping stone to conversions when they feel indebted towards you. Through this feeling of indebtedness, your customers will feel obligated to return a favor. This feeling of gratefulness works in your favor, manifesting in the form of customer loyalty. This is the concept of reciprocity which can be presented in the form of podcasts, free resources, webinars or free product trials to attract the attention of your customers to become referrals.

10. Cash In On The Multiple Tools of Referral Marketing

All thanks to technological advancements, you now have a magic wand in your hand which empowers you to reach out to mass audiences; all in a jiffy. Imagine the reach of a post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram written by a famous social media influencer. This will have the strength to influence thousands of social media followers spread across various parts of the globe.

However, you as a marketer should play safe by employing the right type of marketing strategies. You should not only strive to provide superior customer service to your customers but should also keep a close watch over how your customers can refer your offerings to others. With these strategies in place, you will make good with a high level of engagement that bestows the benefits of referral marketing.

Wrapping It Up: – 
All in an attempt to reap the rewards of an influencer marketing campaign, the key is to pick the right type of influencers who can assist you to target the right customer base. Respect and frankness are the two qualities that you should demonstrate so as to rope in a potential influencer who can positively impact your customers in more ways than you can imagine. When it comes to referrals becoming your potent sources of conversions, it is all about creating a solid brand awareness. You as a marketer should strive hard and ensure that your brand performs well across multiple social media platforms and digital networks for you to reap the fruits of influential referrals.


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