Marketing Research Proposal: How to Write a High-Quality Paper in a Day

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Do you have just 24 hours to write a comprehensive marketing research proposal? Don’t freak out! It’s very possible to finish off a technical proposal within a day. It can sound strange even to an experienced essay writer, but everything is possible. All you need is a laid-out plan on how to manage your time effectively for optimum results.

In this informative piece, we are going to take you through the laid-back plan on how to write a good research proposal within a day.

Outline Your Proposal

This is the most important aspect of writing a marketing research proposal. For you to get it right within a short time, you must put together your proposals and ensure you have a good grip of all the concepts therein to make an excellent presentation.

Research Thoroughly

You can only start researching once you fully understand the assignment. But if you are not careful, your research might turn into procrastination. Looking for more sources can turn into hours that you would use to write.

You can be put to a point of diminishing returns by spending more time than the initial time. You don’t have to worry about the less information gotten on the write-up. If you find out that whatever you have researched isn’t enough for the write-up, you can always do extra research. The aim of your main research session is to give you enough information to start writing. Use the library or database; get your sources and take notes when you’re writing begin.

Work in a Serene Environment

Write in a serene environment

By now, you have a solid foundation of the topic and you have done your research and your points or outlines are ready. All you need to do is to sit down and write the sucker. You don’t need to rush and remember your environment matters a lot.

Go to a place that is nice for studies like the library, for example, or an off-campus coffee shop or even your dorm room could be a nice suggestion. Just go to a place where no one can distract or disturb you.

Try and make the place comfortable. You can’t focus well if your chair feels hard and gives you aches. You have to take care of your physical base before starting the write-up. Do not write on your bed, its sole aim is for sleeping.

Block all digital distractions like your phone. It depends on how bad you are addicted to your phone or the internet.

You can simply close any program that is not related to the write-up by putting it in airplane mode or you can make use of the app called Cold Turkey which blocks everything on your computer until you have written a certain amount of words. If you make use of the internet for your write-up, you can make use of freedom or self-control to block distracting sites when using Google Docs.

Adhere to the Standard Structure of Writing Market Research Proposals

For each paper you write, it should not feel like you are reinventing the wheel. Your aim when writing a paper for a college class should consider the assignment requirements in a way that goes a long way to impress the professor. You are not trying to redefine the way the English language goes or trying to break new rules in your discipline either.

A sure way to avoid getting caught up in the structure is to go for a standard Structure for your discipline. You can save the real points for your arguments. You might ask how you can find the elusive standards. You can go ahead and ask your professor. They can help you find important guides for you.

Bring out Your Draft First and Finish off with Editing Your Work


Drafting and editing at the same time can act as multitasking, completely impossible and less efficient. Do not try it. You need your full attention and effort when writing and when you are done, you can edit.

Do not stop for any reason to look up stuff when writing. If you don’t have an idea about something, just note it down and come back to it later. Doing some research takes you away from your writing. It would put you in an internet hole that would delay you from your writing.

End with the Introduction and Conclusion

One of the greatest and major problems in starting a paper is bringing up an introduction. If you have a good thought about it, the difficulty makes a lot of sense. How do you introduce something you didn’t even create?

That is why it is advisable for you to write the body of the paper first before the introduction. It may seem counterintuitive but I want you to give it a try. This method has helped me avoid a lot of things countless times like writing an introduction that doesn’t fit with the body.

Same goes for the Conclusion, you have to write it last. After all, you cannot conclude without finishing the work. If you need more information on the specifics of writing strong conclusions, you can check my post on how to write a paper.

Get the Third Eye to Go Through Your Work

When it comes to writing the draft, you need enough focus and privacy. But when it comes to editing, someone checking on your write-up can help make the work go faster. Do you know why? That’s because you are blind to the mistakes you might have made in your writing. You have been looking at it too well that it might not be so obvious to you.

Final Words

The following tips provided by will help you prepare a cogent marketing research proposal within 24 hours. Make sure you share your time judiciously and take power naps in-between your work time so you don’t break down midway. 

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